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Machine Learning Homework Help | Machine Learning Assignment Help

Updated: Feb 4, 2023 is the trusted, legit and highly recommended website where you can get complete programming Help, Project Help, Web application development Help and mobile application development help in any types of programming languages.

We are providing quality of work so that you can achieve good grade and knowledge in related fields. Here you can hire expert for long term or short term projects. In this blog we are listing all the areas of machine learning and data science in which you can get the help.

In this blog we will provides some important machine learning topic which is currently most demand-able topic for future need. Realcode4you expert team provides best and effective solutions without any plagiarism. Our team working more than 500+ machine learning assignments in different areas like neural network, deep neural network, reinforcement learning like, Q learning, supervised learning and unsupervised learning etc.

Machine Learning Assignment Help | Machine Learning Homework Help

Are you looking for an expert help to complete your Machine Learning programming assignment? Then, seek the help of our Programming Assignment Help experts who possesses immense knowledge in Machine Learning Programming and can complete the assignment on any programming topic irrespective of its level of complexity.

Struggling to complete Machine Learning assignments on your own? No need to worry any further! We have a team of skilled Machine Learning assignment help programmers who can help you complete any Machine Learning assignment with ease. Our programming experts leverage their in-depth programming experience to provide the best-in-class help in Machine Learning coding.

Machine Learning and Data Science Engineer – Scope of Work In Future

Realcode4you Machine Learning Experts and Data Scientists can help develop the best ML models by creating a winning AI strategy for your company. Below the description of Machine Learning engineer jobs include various tasks and responsibilities.

Machine learning algorithms can be classified into which are classified into supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised. When it comes to big data, scaling machine learning algorithms are needed (Chen and Zhang, 2014; Tarwani et al., 2015), Another classification of machine learning based on the output of the machine learning system includes classification, regression, clustering, and density estimation, etc. machine-learning approaches include decision tree learning, association rule learning, artificial neural networks, support vector machines (SVM), clustering, Bayesian networks, and genetic algorithms, etc.

Knowledge and Skills of Our Machine Learning Expert

Knowledge and Understanding

  • demonstrating a systematic understanding of the domain of machine learning algorithms including the importance of research, methodologies, driving innovation and contribution;

  • producing and reviewing research informed work which applies and is at the forefront of the developments in the domain

Intellectual skills

  • critically analysing a case-based domain using appropriate analytic and quantitative methods;

  • developing the in-depth knowledge necessary to identify and apply suitable techniques in order to synthesize advanced theory/practical concepts

Practical skills

  • evaluating a project applying appropriate techniques conducting effective independent research

  • developing the in-depth knowledge necessary to identify machine learning project domains and apply suitable techniques in order to synthesize advanced (theory/practical) concepts to design, develop, deploy, and maintain bespoke/innovative machine learning solutions using suitable tools e.g: Python;

Transferable Skills

  • evaluating existing/emerging machine learning technology and techniques, carrying out independent research, recognizing and contributing to opportunities for innovation, synthesise ideas/theories/solutions and report back appropriately to your peers

  • self-managing study time and work effectively to meet deadlines;

  • selecting and evaluate supporting resources/tools for a particular purpose, as well as being able to make effective contributions as team member/leader when required.

Hire Artificial intelligence Experts The term was first introduced in 1956 in a conference where researchers wanted to digitized how human brain works

  • AI is the science and engineering of making computers behave in ways that until recently, we thought required human intelligence, Andrew Moore

  • AI is a moving target based on the capabilities that human possessed but machines do not, e.g., emotion – AI encompasses technology advances in different fields such as Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, etc

  • Example of AI: DeepBlue, and to some extent: Google Home, Siri and Alexa

Hire Machine Learning and Deep Learning Experts Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience ~ Tom Mitchell

  • A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some task T and some performance measure P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with experience E ~ Tom Mitchell

  • The goal of ML is never to make “perfect” guesses, because ML deals in domains where there is no such thing. The goal is to make guesses that are good enough to be useful.

Deep Learning

  • It is a class of machine learning algorithms inspired by the structure of a human brain.

  • Deep learning algorithms use complex multi-layered neural networks, where the level of abstraction increases gradually by non-linear transformations of input data.

Machine Learning Algorithms In Which You Can Get Help Generally divided into supervised and unsupervised learning, also reinforced learning, based on whether the they are trained with human supervision, and whether the training data is labeled or not

  • Whether or not they can learn incrementally on the fly (online versus batch learning)

  • Whether they work by simply comparing new data points to known data points, or instead detect patterns in the training data and build a predictive model, much like scientists do (instance-based versus model-based learning)

Supervised Learning

  • The training data fed to the algorithm includes the desired solutions, called labels

  • It models the relationship between the target prediction output and the input features, such that we can predict the output values for new data based on those relationships learned from past data

  • The goal is to develop a finely tuned predictor function h(x) (sometimes called the “hypothesis”) so that, given input data x about a certain domain, e.g., square footage of a house), it will predict interesting value h(x), e.g., the market price of the house.

  • Two major categories are regression and classification

Some of the most important supervised learning algorithms include: – k-Nearest Neighbors – Linear Regression – Logistic Regression – Support Vector Machines (SVMs) – Decision Trees and Random Forests – Neural networks Unsupervised Learning

  • In unsupervised learning, the training data is unlabeled

  • The unsupervised machine learning is typically tasked with finding relationships and correlation within data.

​ - Used mostly for pattern detection and descriptive modeling

Some of the most important unsupervised learning algorithms include: – Clustering – Visualization and dimensionality reduction – Association rule learning

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Help

1. The initial process in any machine learning implementation

2. The purpose is to understand the data, interpret the hidden information, visualizing and engineering the feature to be used by the machine learning

3. A few things to consider:

– What questions do you want to answer or prove true/wrong?

– What kind of data do you have? Numeric, Categorical, Text, Image? How are you going to treat them.

– Do you have any missing values, wrong format, etc.

– How the data is spread? Do you have any outliers? How are you going to deal with them?

– Which features are important?

– Can we add or remove features to get more from the data?

4. Data Wrangling

– Understand the data

– Getting basic summary statistics

– Handling missing values

– Handling outliers

– Typecasting and transformation

5. Data Visualization

– Univariate Analysis: histogram, distribution (distplot, boxplot, violin)

– Multivariate Analysis: scatter plot, pair plot, etc

Some Important Areas Where Machine Learning and Data Science Is Applied

Facebook: Machine learning and data science used in Facebook to quick search and identify and remove misleading stories from Facebook Feed. It used to improve our products and services. We develop and advance algorithms that rank feeds

Business intelligence: Today, machine learning used in business intelligence for business growth. It used to extract meaningful patterns from huge amounts of data. There are many business intelligence tools that are used to analyse the data.

Customer relationship management: CRM provide many functionalities to make the customer happy. Below are some features that makes CRM better:

Self-driving cars: Now a day’s top auto and vehicles companies used the concept of machine learning and AI to design self-driving cars. It easily identifies a visible object and direction and inform the driver.

Machine learning algorithms are also used in semi-autonomous vehicles to identify a partially visible object and inform the driver.

Virtual assistants: Machine learning models are used to understand natural speech and supply context. Now a day there are many applications used the virtual assistant’s concept like; Alexa.

Realcode4you Machine Learning Engineer Skills

1. NLP Specialist: In today daily life we encountered with many NLP related problems like; ask our smartphones to take direction or play the music in ratio, automated call centers to give reply when call by customers etc. There are many NLP Applications that makes it important for Machine Learning Experts. is the top rated NLP expert and professionals that can help you to do your any NLP related problems or projects.

2. Computer Vision Engineers

Realcode4you is the marketplace for top rated computer vision expert, developers, engineers, programmers, coders and professionals. Why Realcode4you is the better compare to other online services? is the better than other services; (1) We are group of 5+ year of experience experts, (2) Completed Many research papers without any Plagiarism issue, (3) Highly educated experts and professionals which also have experience of freelancing work, (4) Affordable price of student, (5) Attractive discount on First Order, (5) Capable to handle short deadline projects, (6) Hire computer vision expert in less than 1 hour.

3. Image Processing Specialist

At, you will find top rated image processing expert, coders, programmers, professionals, tutors and consultants. We are currently focused on cutting-edge technologies such as TensorFlow, Keras, deep learning, and most of the Python data science stack.

Here some image processing topics in which you can get help:

  • Image enhancement

  • Image restoration

  • Image color processing

  • Multi-resolution and processing wavelets

  • Image compression

  • Image morphology processing

  • Image segmentation

  • Object recognition

  • Image transmission over communication channels

  • Image acquisition

Important Image Processing Development tools in which you can also get help:

  • OpenCV

  • Tensorflow

  • Pytorch

4. Deep Learning Engineers

At you can get top freelance image recognition experts with expertise in machine learning, writing, and more. Realcode4you is the world's largest platform for hiring trusted freelance Experts and consultants. Realcode4you experts has expertise in research paper implementation and report writing.

Here you get help in:

  • Build and train deep neural networks,

  • Identify key architecture parameters, implement vectorized neural networks and deep learning to applications

  • Train test sets, analyze variance for DL applications, use standard techniques and optimization algorithms, and build neural networks in TensorFlow

  • Build a CNN and apply it to detection and recognition tasks, use neural style transfer to generate art, and apply algorithms to image and video data

  • Build and train RNNs, work with NLP and Word Embeddings, and use HuggingFace tokenizers and transformer models to perform NER and Question Answering

R Programming Specialist

I have experienced machine learning and data science experts that providing data analysis services related to Python and R. We have providing the services in both industrial and academic contexts. We also have expertise in quickly understand the problems. We have Experience in analyzing data and developing systems for transitioning to, or improving, data-driven decision-making models.

Data Visualization Experts

Realcode4you is the popular marketplace where you get all Data Visualization experts with an affordable price. If you are learner and start the career as a data visualization expert then is the right choice. Here you get top 10 data visualization expert which have deep knowledge in all data visualization tools and technology like: Tableau, Power BI, R, visualization using python, etc.

Tableau Expert and Engineers

This is most popular visualization tool which use by top rated Data Analysis firms and industries. Our experts created multiple dashboards from scratch. We have 5+ years of experience in interpreting and analyzing scientific research data and am proficient in data wrangling, modeling & visualization using Tableau. I have a good understanding of different univariate and multivariate statistical techniques along with various analytic tools for effective data analyses.

Power BI Experts and Engineers

Hire experienced, disciplined, and highly-motivated IT Professional - Data Analyst who has worked on a wide range of projects. expert has the good knowledge in other visualization tools like Tableau, R and Rapid miner.

Here we provide services related to Power BI:

  • Power BI development and administration.

  • Building Analysis Services reporting models.

  • Developing visual reports, dashboards.

  • Connecting to data sources, importing data and transforming data for Business Intelligence.

  • Advance level calculations on the data set.

  • Design methodology and project documentation.

  • Able to properly understand the business requirements and develop data models accordingly by taking care of the resources.

  • Able to integrate Power BI reports into other applications using embedded analytics like Power BI service (SaaS), or by API automation

Big data engineers

Big data is the collection of complex and large dataset. Now a days companies hire the professionals to analyze his big data for future prediction. Big Data Engineers are professionals who work on collecting, storing, processing and analyzing huge sets of data. If face the issue to handle big data you face the issue to handle big data then don't worry, our expert handle any types of big data related task easily.

Here you get: Big Data PySpark help, Big data Map Reduce help, Big Data Hadoop Help, etc.

Machine Learning Big Data Assignment Help

Data Analytics is the important part to Machine Learning & Data Science. There are three types of Data Analytics in which you can get help from our expert. Our expert covers all the topics which is related to Data Analytics:

Big Data Topics In Which You can Get Help

  • Big Data Revolution

  • Hadoop Architecture and Ecosystem

  • Setting up Hadoop

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Architecture

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Programming Basics

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Programming Advanced

  • YARN and MapReduce Architecture

  • MapReduce Programming Basics

  • MapReduce Programming Intermediate

  • MapReduce Programming Advanced

  • Data Analysis using Hive

  • Data Analysis using Pig

  • Hadoop NOSQL Database HBase

  • Spark

  • Miscellaneous Hadoop Topics

Here You Get

  • Understand the trends that is fueling the modern Big Data Revolution.

  • Gain a solid understanding of the Apache Hadoop Architecture including HDFS and MapReduce.

  • Apply the HDFS Programming model and the ability to author HDFS Programs using Apache Hadoop HDFS API for importing and exporting data into Hadoop.

  • Apply the Distributed Storage and Distributed Programming model for distributed processing.

  • Best practices for Hadoop development, debugging, and implementation of work

  • How to leverage Hive and Pig for big data processing, and a look at related Hadoop projects.

Required Software

Oracle VM VirtualBox

You will need to install VirtualBox Oracle VM. This is open source software. Information on how to install and configure you can get from us.

Ubuntu Linux

You will need to install CentOS Linux as your own VM on VirtualBox. This is open source software. Information on how to install and configure you can get from us.

Apache Hadoop

You will need to install Apache Hadoop inside your CentOS Linux VM. Hadoop is open source software. Get help in how to install and configure it also when start this.

Apache Hive

You will need to install Apache Hive inside your CentOS Linux VM. Hadoop is open source software. Get help in how to install and configure it also when start this.

Apache Pig

You will need to install Apache Pig inside your CentOS Linux VM. Hadoop is open source software. Get help in how to install and configure it also when start this.

Apache HBase

You will need to install Apache Pig inside your CentOS Linux VM. Hadoop is open source software. Get help in how to install and configure it also when start this.

Apache Spark

You will need to install Apache Spark inside your CentOS Linux VM. Hadoop is open source software. Get help in how to install and configure it also when start this.

Hire Big Data Map Reduce Expert

A programming model for large-scale data processing.


  • Iterate over a large number ofrecords

  • Extract something of interest from each

- Shuffle and sort intermediate results


  • Aggregate intermediate results

  • Generate final output


Creating a cluster requires allocation of additional physical machines in the AWS datacentre (which takes minutes to happen, depending on the size of cluster). However, as the EMR clusters are more expensive machines (and cost by time that the cluster is left set up), it is important that clusters are not left running after you have finished using them (and saved any output). So, at the end of a lab class, it is very important you terminate your cluster.

Algorithms Engineers expert has the deep knowledge in all machine learning related algorithms. We are also have expertise in statistics related algorithms. If you are looking to hire expert that can help you do implement your machine learning algorithms then is the right choice. Here you get quality code with an affordable price compare to other online services.

  • Machine Learning SQL Engineers

  • Recommender System Engineers

  • Machine Learning AWS Engineers

  • AI Specialist

Cloudera QuickStart VM Big Data Assignment Help This is simple Cloudera’s Big Data platform. If you need help in any big data which is related to Map-Reduce. These are free for personal use, but do require you to register your details on the Cloudera website prior to download. Remember to check your system meets the minimum requirements.

Below the basic requirement to install the cloudera in machine:

  1. A virtual machine such as Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare

  2. RAM of 12+ GB. That is 4+ GB for the operating system and 8+ GB for Cloudera

  3. 80GB hard disk

Google Colab Code Implementation Help Realcode4you Machine Learning and Data Science Project and assignment help team has the deep knowledge to implementing the code using Google Colab. If you not familiar with Google Colab then no worry about it. Realcode4you Machine Learning & Data Science expert team help you and give proper support by 24/7. If you has basic knowledge about Jupyter Notebook Editor then it like a piece of Cake. In Google Colab you can easily import jupyter code and dataset file. it support GPUs so you can train dataset fask compare to Jupyter notebook.

  • Realcode4you Expert team help to configure and upload dataset from drive

  • If face issue to mount drive then hire Realcode4you experts

  • Get help to write code using Google colab

Github Repository Code Implementation Help Realcode4you Machine Learning and Data Science Project and assignment help team also help you to implementing the code into the your Github repository. Hire Realcode4you machine learning expert that can help you to write and run code using Github. Now a days all tech industries or firms put your whole code in GitHub then can easily access or implemented by single person or team. "Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub—the largest and most advanced development platform in the world." Realcode4you Expert Team Help to: Installing Software: If you are begineers and not familiar with Github then our team provide complete help to installing the software To Write Code: Get complete support to write code and comment in git hub that can make code better for understanding How to make a team: GitHub support many features which makes it better. Here you can create own team that can write code from each end. Here code save after implementing from any team member end site. Hire top rated and experienced machine learning and data science expert that can implement your code in your GitHub Repository with proper coding format with comments. You need to send your requirement details at:

Master Thesis Code Implementation and Research Paper Writing Help Thesis writing need deep knowledge in any specific areas. We are providing thesis writing help which is related to research papers. Realcode4you expert provide good format thesis writing as per your academic requirement with below 10 percent plagiarism issue. Realcode4you is offering thesis writing services for all Masters and PHD researchers. Here we fulfil all necessary factors like introduction, data collection, data analysis and conclusion. We are creating fully customised and genuine thesis writing services for all scholars and universities. Hire top rated and experienced machine learning and data science expert that can help to writing research paer with complete code implementation. For more details you can send your query at: or contact us at: +91 82 67 81 38 69 Feature Engineering Code Implementation Help This is the process of altering data. We we select specific features hat can help to increase the models efficiency. There are some steps which are used to implement machien learning task;

  • Gathering data.

  • Cleaning data.

  • Feature engineering.

  • Defining model.

  • Training, testing model and predicting the output.

Data Bricks Assignment Help Now a days data is increases day by day so that data scientist face the problem to run the large size data which need to implement using Spark. Data bricks is a data engineering tool that are used by companies to process and transform by large quantity of data. OpenCV Assignment & Project Help If you are looking to hire expert OpenCV expert and professionals for OpenCV Assignment Help & OpenCV Homework Help then you face challenge to get experienced and top notch expert which can easily complete your task. Realcode4you provide top notches and unique solution with full one-to-one live support if required after code delivery. We are providing complete OpenCV Project help and Homework Help. Our expert help in all OpenCV related topics like; Reading and writing images, Capturing and saving images, Filtering, transforming, and general processing of images, Performing feature detection, Image detection, Analyzing videos. Hire our OpenCV expert to get instant help. Here you get code implementation through scratch or with inbuilt libraries

Image Processing Assignment & Project Help Our Machine Learning Expert Provide Image Processing Assignment help & Image Processing homework help. Our expert are able to do your Image Processing homework assignments at bachelors , masters & the research level. Here you can get top quality code and report at any basic to advanced level. We are solve lots of projects and papers related to Image Processing and Machine Learning research paper so you can get code with more experienced expert. Realcode4you has the excellent team of image processing experts that can handle both academics or professionals projects.

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  • 2k+ Research Projects Completed

  • Research Paper Support

  • Free Editing Service

  • 20+ Research Paper Writers Online

Machine Learning Interface Development Using Tkinter and Flask If you need interface in machine learning using Tkinter or Python Flask then here we also have expert that can help you to create GUI based application to predict the machine learning model. Now a days most of industries working on web applications to create machine learning models. Realcode4you expert team successfully delivered more then 300+ machine learning interface applications.

Machine Learning Rapid Miner, Tableau & Power BI Assignment and Project Help Data visualization is also important for machine learning or data science projects. Without data EDA no one can understand data analysis task easily. Data visualization makes it easy for both technical and non-technical person. At you can get all data visualization tools related help. We are group of Rapid Miner, Tableau and Power BI experts that can handle basic to advance level task with proper explaination doc so you can understand work flow easily. Machine Learning Code Implementation Using Scratch Their are many websites available online that provide services related to machine learning assignment help, machine learning homework help and machine learning project help. Most of website from these not provide help related to specific domain. They working with multiple subjects but not have knowledge in specific fields. is the group of top coders that have knowledge in our related fields. We are only providing coding related help. If you need code from scratch without any libraries like pandas, numpy, sklearn, etc then don't worry. Realcode4you provide code fully functional using scratch.

Machine Learning Segmentation Assignment help It is the process of separating your data into different groups. There are number of ways to create segments but the most common is to use a clustering techniques. There are two commonly used clustering techniques are k-means and hierarchical clustering. machine learning assignment help expert covers all topics related to segmentation. Hire expert and get instant help.

Machine Learning Statistics Assignment Help We are providing machine learning statistics assignment help. Statistics is the most useful subject which used in most of programming areas related to Machine Learning and Data Science. Here you get instant help with statistical problems. Our expert analyze and interpret data to write the report to complete your project. Realcode4you expert team cover all the topics that are related to Machine Learning Statistics. Here you can see some sample questions that are related to statistics and machine learning:

Master's Dissertation Coding and Writing Services offers Master's Dissertation Coding and Writing Services which is related to all programming languages (Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Matlab and more others). When you are pursuing your master degree then you get many Master Dissertation Coding and Writing Services.

We are complete your task as per your research standard in IEEE and APA format. If you are stuck in any Dissertation project, then you can reach us. Here you get top rated expert which already completed masters and PHD and has more than 5+ years industries experience. We are also offering affordable price compare to the other online resources. We are always deliver plagiarism free work.

Basic Structure to write Dissertation Report




  • Project Topics Description


  • Model Description and Evaluation

  • Conclusion

Get Help In Applied AI top rated expert and professional team provide all AI related problem solution with an affordable price. If you are looking any help in Applied AI then contact us.

Applied AI Topics In Which You Can Get Help:

1. Feedforward neural nets with hyperparameter optimisation: this project will implement a feedforward neural network for a dataset of choice and experiment systematically with a number of hyperparameter configurations, e.g. the learning rate, batch size, number of hidden units, layers, etc. The project will need to explore systematic approaches for hyperparameter optimisation such as random or grid optimisation or genetic algorithms. Note that the specifics will not be taught directly, you’ll need to research and find out how to implement these in Python yourself. You may use any software libraries available, as long as referenced. The approaches named above e.g. come with sk_learn and do not need to be implemented from scratch. The neural network’s performance should be evaluated in different settings and compared against other approaches, such as decision trees, Naive Bayes or other classifiers. Results should be supported with visualisations, such as graphs.

2. Text classification: this project will implement a deep learning system for text classification (e.g. using the news dataset from the lab, or any other you can find). You can choose what classes you want to learn (i.e. classify) from your dataset. You will need to make an informed choice of neural network (such as recurrent or transformer) and implement it using a deep learning library. This part can be based on a lab session we did together. The project should also include at least one additional component, e.g. a specific hypothesis you want to investigate, a comparison against another technique, or a data augmentation technique, such as language modelling (i.e. embed features into vector space using one or more techniques e.g. Word2Vec, GloVe, BERT, GPT-2, etc.). Regardless of what you choose to do concretely, make sure that you use baselines in your project, i.e. choose the system you want to “pitch” and make sure you compare it another setup. Results should be supported with visualisations, such as graphs.

3. Sentiment analysis from text and/or images: this project will implement a deep learning based system for sentiment analysis. You will need to choose a dataset (e.g. not the one used in our sentiment analysis lab please) and make an informed choice of architecture. Then implement it using a deep learning library. You can then either focus on sentiment analysis from text (as we’ve done before) or image analysis, e.g. predicting sentiment from images. In either case, please make sure to benchmark your results against an alternative setting, e.g. experimenting with more than one neural network architecture, or experimenting substantially with your chosen architecture itself, e.g. using hyperparameter optimisation. Results should be supported with visualisations, such as graphs.

Research Paper Writing Help, Master thesis Writing and Master Dissertation Help has the excellent team to write your research paper related to Master Program. Here we have write research paper in all report writing standard format like APA7, IEEE and simple word document file.

Why you choose expert team to write the research paper:

  • Below 10 percent plagiarism issue as per research standard

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Below the some sample of research papers that successfully completed by our experts in last year.

Hire NLP(Natural Language Processing) Expert

In this blog we will check our understanding of the concepts learned in NLP.

To summarize NLP or Natural Language Processing is:

  • Computer manipulation of natural languages.

  • Set of methods/algorithms for making natural language accessible to computer.

The image below summarizes the basic steps involved in any NLP task:

NLP Tokenization Help

We will use TensorFlow Keras Tokenizer to tokenize our text. As per the TensorFlow documentation: “This class allows to vectorize a text corpus, by turning each text into either a sequence of integers (each integer being the index of a token in a dictionary) or into a vector where the coefficient for each token could be binary, based on word count, based on tf-idf.” There are many functions that we can use, but below we will be using these two functions to train the tokenizer to our text data and convert given text to tokens:

  • fit_on_texts: Updates internal vocabulary based on a list of texts. This method creates the vocabulary index based on word frequency. So if you give it something like, "The cat sat on the mat." It will create a dictionary “word_index” such that every word gets a unique integer value. 0 is reserved for padding. So lower integer means more frequent word.

  • texts_to_sequences Transforms each text in texts to a sequence of integers. It takes each word in the text and replaces it with its corresponding integer value from the word_index dictionary.

from tensorflow.keras.preprocessing.text import Tokenizer 
t  =Tokenizer() 
fit_text =["In science, you can say things that seem crazy, but in the long run, they can turn out to be right"] 
test_text1 ="I would like to take a right turn" 
test_text2 ="That man is crazy" 
sequences = t.texts_to_sequences([test_text1, test_text2])
print('sequences : ',sequences,'\n')
print('word_index : ',t.word_index)

NLP Word Embeddings Help

Exercise Here we learned about embeddings, let us explore them a little more. Kindly go to the site Embeddings Projector. Play around a bit and answer the following questions:

  1. For the word 'fantastic' list the five nearest neighbours, when using Word2Vec 10K embedding.

  2. Repeat the exercise by changing the embeddings to Word2Vec All.

Reflect on the result. How do you think the world fantastic is related to its five nearest neighbours?

NLP Word Similarities Help Let us now train Word2Vec model on text8 dataset

!mkdir data

import gensim.downloader as api
from gensim.models import Word2Vec

info ="text8")
assert(len(info) > 0)

dataset = api.load("text8")  # download and load text 8  dataset
model = Word2Vec(dataset) # we create an embedding using Word2vec model for this data"data/text8-word2vec.bin")

NLP Word Arithmetics Help

Exercise With the Word2Vec model trained on text8 dataset, calculate the following:

  • woman + king - man = ?

  • chair + table - work = ?

  • Queens - queen + person = ?

NLP Spam Classifier Help

Here you get NLP Spam Classifier related help. is the top rated website where you have all NLP programming related experts and professionals.

  • importing required modules

  • defining helper functions

  • Building model

Are you Stuck In Project Related To Machine Learning Libraries

Are you stuck in project related to machine learning libraries then don't worry. has the excellent team of Machine Learning and Data Science expert that can help you to your machine learning libraries related projects. Using libraries we can do any task related machine learning and data science in few lines of code. There are many machine learning and data science libraries in which you can get help.

Get Help In Libraries used for python

  • Numpy

  • Scipy

  • Scikit-learn

  • Theano

  • TensorFlow

  • Keras

  • PyTorch

  • Pandas

  • Matplotlib

Get Help In Libraries used for R Programming

  • dplyr

  • ggplot2

  • Shiny

  • mlr3

  • Lubridate

  • Knitr

  • plotly

  • And more others

Machine Learning Autoencoders Project Help

Autoencoders are a class of neural network that attempt to recreate the input as their target using back-propagation. An autoencoder consists of two parts; an encoder and a decoder. The encoder will read the input and compress it to a compact representation, and the decoder will read the compact representation and recreate the input from it. In other words, the autoencoder tries to learn the identity function by minimizing the reconstruction error. They have an inherent capability to learn a compact representation of data. They are at the center of deep belief networks and find applications in image reconstruction, clustering, machine translation, and much more. This exercise aims to test your understanding of autoencoder architecture, and how it can be used to denoise an image. We will build a convolutional autoencoder. Combining your knowledge of a Vanilla/Denoising Autoencoder and Convolutional Networks.

AutoEncoder Architecture

The number of hidden units in the autoencoder is typically less than the number of input (and output) units. This forces the encoder to learn a compressed representation of the input, which the decoder reconstructs. If there is a structure in the input data in the form of correlations between input features, then the autoencoder will discover some of these correlations, and end up learning a low-dimensional representation of the data similar to that learned using principal component analysis (PCA). Once trained

  • We can discard decoder and use Encoder to optain a compact representation of input.

  • We can cascade Encoder to a classifier.

The encoder and decoder components of an autoencoder can be implemented using either dense, convolutional, or recurrent networks, depending on the kind of data that is being modeled.

Below we define an encoder and a decoder using Convolutional layers. Both consist of three convolutional layers. Each layer in Encoder has a corresponding layer in decoder, thus in this case it is like three autoencoders stacked over each other. This is also called Stacked Autoencoders

Structured and Unstructured Data Analysis and Prediction Help experts know how to analyze both structured an unstructured data using Machine Learning. Before analysis and predict the model first we know, What is Structured Data? Structured data is quantitative and is often displayed as numbers, dates, values, and strings. Structured data is stored in rows and columns. It can be any CSV, Excel or any Tabular format data. Now we know, What is Unstructured data? Unstructured data is qualitative data and includes text, video, audio, images, and more. Unstructured data is stored as audio, pdf, text, and video files, or NoSQL databases

Get Help to Cleaning Dataset This is the initial step of database processing. If your dataset uncleaned the have missing values, unexpected values, duplicate records, etc. then it is necessary to clean dataset to get good model prediction record. experts has deep knowledge in all data cleaning related topics. Important and necessary points that are important to know before data cleaning Dataset exploration – missing values.

  • Are there any missing values in this dataset? If so, which columns have missing values?

  • How could missing values present a problem in linear modeling?

  • Identify one variable that is categorical, and whose values are entirely unique.

  • Remove that variable.

  • If a categorical variable has entirely unique values/levels, why will it not be useful for predictive purposes? (You don’t need to reference anything technical or formal to answer this – you can answer in your own words)

Machine Learning Critique and Proposal Writing Help If are studying in master courses then it is necessary to know how to write Critique or proposal before complete our research. In master courses you get many research projects and assignments. At the same time problem to handle projects with other task. If you face any problem to complete your homework within due data then don't worry. experts team provide full support to complete your projects so you can get good grade. In machine Learning there are may research topics in which you can get help. Some of these are given below:

  • Text Mining and Text Classification

  • Image-Based Applications

  • Machine Vision

  • Clustering

  • Optimization

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • And more others

Get Help To Building Language Models ​At you can get help to Building Language Models in NLP. Language models form the backbone of Natural Language Processing. They are a way of transforming qualitative information about text into quantitative information that machines can understand. Language modeling (LM) is the use of various statistical and probabilistic techniques to determine the probability of a given sequence of words occurring in a sentence. Below the some Statistical Language Modeling Types In

Which you can get help:

  • N-Gram

  • Unigram

  • Bidirectional

  • Exponential

  • Continuous Space

Get Help In Fraud Detection Projects

The concept of fraud includes a criminal and a victim. It can be encountered in many different areas with various methods. There are mainly two broad categories of fraud, traditional and digital. Further, even digital fraud activities are also quite diverse in themselves.

Some types of frauds are in which you can get help:

  • Internet Fraud

  • Mail Fraud

  • Debit and Credit Card Fraud

  • Promotion Fraud

  • Application Fraud

Why Fraud Detection is necessary?

Card industry will lose 400 billion dollars in this decade due to card frauds.

In the last 10 years, fraud detection with the help of machine learning is quite trending. This is because ml increases efficiency when deployed in place of teams finding frauds manually.

Steps that are used by team to detect fraud

  • Importing company transaction datasets

  • Preprocessing the data

  • Data Visualization

  • Model Building

  • Testing the Model

  • Deployment

Get help In Feature Aggregation Feature aggregation is a technique to extract features from data by combining multiple features from different (usually similar) datasets. The goal of feature aggregation is to discover data-driven relations between the original features, which might be hard to discover otherwise. Every aggregated feature can be seen as a "meta" feature (or "higher-level" feature) that summarizes many other lower-level features. ​​Get help In Feature Sampling Using a sampling algorithm can help us reduce the size of the dataset to a point where we can use a better, but more expensive, machine learning algorithm. The key principle here is that the sampling should be done in such a manner that the sample generated should have approximately the same properties as the original dataset. There are mainly 2 types of Sampling in which you can get help

  • Sampling without replacement

  • Sampling with replacement

Dimensionality Reduction Assignment Help Most real world datasets have a large number of features. For example, consider an fraud detection problem, we might have to deal with a lot of features, also called as dimensions. As the name suggests, dimensionality reduction aims to reduce the number of features - but not simply by selecting a sample of features from the feature-set. Data Analysis algorithms work better if the dimensionality of the dataset is lower. This is mainly because irrelevant features and noise have now been eliminated. The models which are built on top of lower-dimensional data are more understandable and explainable.

Get Help In Feature Encoding Feature encoding is basically performing transformations on the data such that it can be easily accepted as input for machine learning algorithms while still retaining its original meaning. As we all know that better encoding leads to a better model and most algorithms cannot handle the categorical variables unless they are converted into a numerical value. Types of categorical features In Which You Can Get Help

  • Binary(yes/no and True/false)

  • Ordinal(Low, Medium, high / cold, hot, lava hot etc.)

  • Nominal(Cat, dog, tiger / pizza, burger, coke)

​​ Get Help In Label Encoding Label encoding algorithm is quite simple and it considers an order for encoding. Hence can be used for encoding ordinal data. LabelEncoder is present in scikit-learn library Code from sklearn.preprocessing import LabelEncoder le = LabelEncoder() df['ord_2'] = le.fit_transform(df['ord_2']) sns.countplot(df['ord_2']) Get Help In One Hot Encoding To overcome the Disadvantage of Label Encoding as it considers some hierarchy in the columns which can be misleading to nominal features present in the data, we can use the One-Hot Encoding strategy. It is done in the following 2 steps: 1.Splitting of categories into different columns. 2.Put ‘0 for others and ‘1’ as an indicator for the appropriate column. Code: from sklearn.preprocessing import OneHotEncoder enc = OneHotEncoder() enc = enc.fit_transform(df[['nom_0']]).toarray() encoded_colm = pd.DataFrame(enc) df = pd.concat([df, encoded_colm], axis=1) df = df.drop(['nom_0'], axis=1) df.head(10) Get Help In Frequency Encoding We can also encode considering the frequency distribution. This method can be effective at times for nominal features. Code: # grouping by frequency fq = df.groupby('nom_0').size()/len(df) # mapping values to dataframe df.loc[:, "{}_freq_encode".format('nom_0')] = df['nom_0'].map(fq) # drop original column. df = df.drop(['nom_0'], axis=1) df.head(10)

Get Help In Features Scaling Feature scaling in machine learning is one of the most critical steps during the pre-processing of data before creating a machine learning model. Scaling can make a difference between a weak machine learning model and a better one. The most common techniques of feature scaling are Normalization and Standardization. Normalization is used when we want to bound our values between two numbers, typically, between [0,1] or [-1,1]. While Standardization transforms the data to have zero mean and a variance of 1, they make our data unitless. Where to use feature scaling

  • KNN

  • K-means

  • Principal Component Analysis

  • Gradient Descent

Where not to use

  • Random Forest

  • CART

  • Gradient Boosted Decision trees

Various Methods: Feature Scaling In Which You Can Get Help Below are the few ways we can do feature scaling:

  1. Min-Max Scaler

  2. Standard Scaler

  3. Max Abs Scaler

  4. Robust Scaler

  5. Quantile Transformer Scaler

Data Compression Data compression is an essential phase in training a network. The idea is to compress the data so that the same amount of information can be represented by fewer bits. This also helps with the problem of the curse of dimensionality as discussed earlier. A dataset with many attributes is different to train with because it tends to overfit the model. Hence dimensionality reduction techniques need to be applied before the dataset can be used for training. Techniques: Data Compression This is where the Autoencoder (AE) and Variational Autoencoder (VAE) come into play. They are end-to-end networks that are used to compress the input data. Both Autoencoder and Variational Autoencoder are used to transform the data from a higher to lower-dimensional space, essentially achieving compression.

Get Help In AutoEncoder (AE) Autoencoder is used to learn efficient embeddings of unlabeled data for a given network configuration. The autoencoder consists of two parts, an encoder, and a decoder. The encoder compresses the data from a higher-dimensional space to a lower-dimensional space (also called the latent space), while the decoder does the opposite i.e., convert the latent space back to higher-dimensional space. Get Help In Generative adversarial networks(GANs) Generative adversarial nets are alternative framework for training generative models in order to avoid the difficulty of approximating many intractable probabilistic computations. Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are one class of models that have been successfully used to model complex and high dimensional distributions. The main advantage in adversarial nets is the Markov chains are never needed, and gradients can be obtained using only back-propagation. Also during learning no inference is required and a extensive variety of interactions and factors can easily be incorporated into the model. Types: GANs Conditional GANs GANs can be extended to a conditional model. In conditional GAN generator and discriminator are conditioned on extra information. This extra information can be class labels or other data. This Conditioning can be done by feeding this extra information into discriminator and generator as as additional input layer. The generator combines the extra information and noise together as a joint representation which is hidden. The adversarial training framework has shown considerable flexibility in how this hidden representation is collected.

Machine Learning Tkinter GUI Web Project Help

At you can get all Machine Learning desktop application or web application. We are providing neat and clean user interface for business or final year project that fulfill our all requirements

Sample Code

import sys
from tkinter import *
import pandas as pd
from sklearn import linear_model
import tkinter as tk 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.backends.backend_tkagg import FigureCanvasTkAgg
from sklearn import preprocessing
# Import 'train_test_split'
from sklearn.model_selection import cross_val_score
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
def ml_tkinter_gui():
    global root
    # tkinter GUI
    root= tk.Tk()
    #Read Dataset
    df = pd.read_csv("Boston Real Est.csv")
    #Data Processing
    #Remove Missing Values by Median
    df['RM'].fillna(df['RM'].median(), inplace=True)
    #Deviding the target and features variables
    X = df.drop('MEDV', axis = 1)
    Y = df['MEDV']
    #Normalize the Features usign MinMaxScaler
    min_max_scaler = preprocessing.MinMaxScaler()
    X_scaled = min_max_scaler.fit_transform(X)
    # Shuffle and split the data 
    X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X_scaled, Y, test_size=0.2, random_state=2)

    # Train the model
    regr = linear_model.LinearRegression(), Y)
    #Creating canvas to show the result
    canvas1 = tk.Canvas(root, width = 500, height = 450)
    #Accuracy Matrices
    def score():
        scores = cross_val_score(regr, X_train, y_train)
        Prediction_result  = ('Scores: ', scores)
        label_Prediction = tk.Label(root, text= Prediction_result, bg='orange')
        canvas1.create_window(20, 200, window=label_Prediction)
    #Test the data model
    def test_score():
        y_pred = regr.predict(X_test)
        Prediction  = ('test Scores: ', y_pred)
        label_Prediction = tk.Label(root, text= Prediction, bg='orange')
        canvas1.create_window(475, 300, window=label_Prediction)
    #Function to close the window
    def close_window():

    #Add butoon
    button = tk.Button(text = "Click and Quit", command = close_window, bg='red')
    #Place the button on the x=700 and y=90 window position, y=90)
    #Creating 'Calculate Score' button   
    button1 = tk.Button (root, text='Calculate Score',command=score, bg='orange') # button to call the 'score' command above 
    canvas1.create_window(20, 100, window=button1)
    #Creating 'Calculate Score' button  
    button2 = tk.Button (root, text='Calculate test score',command=test_score, bg='orange') # button to call the 'test_score' command above 
    canvas1.create_window(300, 100, window=button2)

    #Add butoon
    button = tk.Button(text = "Referece & Restart", command = refresh, bg='green')
    #Place the button on the x=700 and y=90 window position, y=400)
    #plot 1st scatter 
    figure3 = plt.Figure(figsize=(5,4), dpi=100)
    ax3 = figure3.add_subplot(111)
    ax3.scatter(df['PTRATIO'].astype(float),df['LSTAT'].astype(float), color = 'r')
    scatter3 = FigureCanvasTkAgg(figure3, root) 
    scatter3.get_tk_widget().pack(side=tk.RIGHT, fill=tk.BOTH)
    ax3.set_title('PTRATIO Vs. LSTAT')

    #plot 2nd scatter 
    figure4 = plt.Figure(figsize=(5,4), dpi=100)
    ax4 = figure4.add_subplot(111)
    ax4.scatter(df['RM'].astype(float),df['LSTAT'].astype(float), color = 'g')
    scatter4 = FigureCanvasTkAgg(figure4, root) 
    scatter4.get_tk_widget().pack(side=tk.RIGHT, fill=tk.BOTH)
    ax4.set_title('RM Vs. LSTAT')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    def refresh():

Machine Learning Sample Research Papers

Sample Research Paper 1

Topic - Grammarinator-Open-Source-Fuzzer


Fuzzing, or random testing, is an increasingly popular testing technique. The strength of this approach lies in its ability to generate many helpful test cases without consuming costly human resources. In addition, randomness can often create anomalies that are not perceptible to human testers. In this report, we introduce Grammarinator, a general-purpose test generator capable of using existing parsing grammars as a template. Since the model can act as both an analyzer and a generator, this tool can provide the capabilities of generation based and mutation-based dimmers. The presented device is actively used to test various JavaScript engines and has found more than 100 unique issues.

Sample Research Paper 2

Topic - Book Depository to get insights on the Trends


We start the discussion with the introduction of the books and importance of printing. We discuss its usage in our everyday life whether nowadays we go for an online pdf books and journal even more. This is just as great as it can be. Then we do the background check about the printing of things and transferring this information through printing on clays and then woods stuffs and then finally to woodblock printing happening in Europe at around 15th century. Then we tell our aims and objectives that we will be following as our guiding teacher for this research. It is followed by Methods that we use in our research including importing of datasets, analysing its basic properties. Then data cleaning is done along with preprocessing. Which is not just limited to dropping columns with huge percentage nan values but also making the datatypes uniform the columns. If there is a numpy array in form of a string, it is handled with the help of python libraries. Then we add a new feature called Year from the existing feature publication-date. It is used to plot and see how different categories or genres of each book vary as time/year passes. Finally the use of ML algorithm to cluster our vectorized form to form some clusters. Keywords—machine learning algorithms, forming clusters, data analysis, data cleaning, ML Algorithms, Data Science, Charts and Graphs with matlplotlib

Sample Research Paper 3

Topic - Image Segmentation Using U-Net and Mask R-CNN


The U-Net model is based on Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) where CNN is capable of handling high dimensional raw data through convolutions. U-Net is capable of combining and concatenating multi-scale features to detect and segment objects. The Mask R-CNN model is based on regression networks to detect and segment objects. Mask RCNN is capable of handling high dimensional input data through convolutions. Mask R-CNN is capable of refining the detection result through semantic segmentation. A brief comparison and analysis on both models is presented.

Hire Reinforcement Learning Expert

Reinforcement Learning is the technique of machine learning that train the the models to take the sequence of action. expert team has the deep knowledge in all Reinforcement Learning problems.

The main goal is long-term, such as game-playing, robotics, etc.

In this the agent continues doing these three things (take action, change state/remain in the same state, and get feedback), and by doing these actions, he learns and explores the environment.

Hire the top rated Machine Learning developers and programmers

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Why You Choose Python and R Programming For Data Analysis and Modeling?

Their are many programming languages which are used for machine learning and data science. Here some of important and used by many tech firms and researchers. Python and R is important and widely used for data science and machine learning task. Both programming languages support large number of packages that makes the Implementation easy and fast.

Top 10 Features to Look for in Machine Learning

Preprocessing of Data This is the primary steps of all data science and machine learning related projects. We have excellent team of data processing which can handle all un-necessary data points. Realcode4you data processing assignment help team provide top rated services. Feature Engineering This is second steps after data processing. Here need to altering un-necessary data so that model give the accurate result and increase the efficiency of the algorithms. If data is more complex and you can't handle data then don't worry about it. Realcode4you features engineering team easily solve your issue and altering data easily. Diverse Algorithms If you are not able to get accurate result with one machine learning algorithms then diverse algorithms the second choice to get accurate result. Here we choose multiple algorithms to get highest accuracy result. Algorithm Selection Machine learning is the group of multiple algorithms. If you face issue to select best one of these then Realcode4you machine learning assignment help team help you to select best algorithms which is easily fit into your data. Training and Tuning This is also main steps of of machine learning implementation. If data is too long or complex then it take time to train. if you don't have time to train data due to busy in other task or not know how to train the model then our team help you to train the data. Ensembling If you want to achieve highest accuracy result and one model in not enough to get this then need to ensemble multiple models using single pipeline. Realcode4you expert team help you to ensemble the model so you can get the highest accuracy result. Insights If you don't understand the code flow the aim of the implementation then we write the proper insights and recommendation which help you increase your business growth. Realcode4you machine learning & data science expert help you to write insights and business recommendation so that increase the business growth. Deployment After completing the all work if you need to deploy your model in web server the our expert also help you to deploy it. You need to hire expert for specific time and pay price as per your support price. Model Monitoring and Management Our expert monitoring and mange the model after delivery. If you not have a time to monitoring the model then hire Realcode4you expert team for specific time which can monitor your model and help to fix issues if raise between that. Final Delivery This is the last step of this. Our expert send confirmation for finally delivery and after payment you receive complete code.

Why should you become a data scientist?

Data is an indispensable part of businesses and industries. Data scientists use this data to provide useful insights into customer behaviour that help companies grow their business in the right direction through forecasting models. The COVID-19 induced pandemic has brought a rapid digitization of businesses and services for India Inc. Multiple reports predict that India will have over 11 million jobs for data scientists by 2026.

Dimensionality Reduction Assignment help

It is the process of reducing the number of independent variable, if your problem related to dimensionality reduction then we will help you to do your task and fit dimensionality reduction algorithms easily in your code. Below the some features which makes it better to improve machine learning accuracy and for which you use this in machine learning algorithms.

CRISP-DM Project Help

Project objectives and needs are understood at this phase. This phase consists of four tasks that are common to all projects, except the third one.

From a business viewpoint, you should first "understand what the consumer wants to achieve." Define success criteria for your firm (CRISP-DM Guide).

Other Programming Languages Used For Data Scientist

There are many other programming languages and Tools which used to do Data Science and Machine Learning Task. Here we can discussing these programming languages in which our expert also providing the Data Science and Machine Learning programming Help:

Python: Python is the import programming language which start career as a Data Science and Machine Learning. This is first choice of professionals which learn data science. Now a day it became most popular programming language in the field of data science.

Java: Java is also used for machine learning projects but it is difficult to implement compare to Python programming language. Syntax of this programming language is complex compare to python so developer not choose this as a first choice.

R: R programming is also became most familiar with Data Science and Machine Learning expert. This is also choose by Data Science expert like a python. It is also simple like python and it provide lots of in-built libraries which make it easy to implement.

JavaScript: When we need to create advance level GUI Application related to Machine Learning and Data Science for model prediction then JavaScript used to create the front end design.

MATLAB: MATLAB is also used to predict the Data Science and Machine Learning models. Basically it used to advance level scientific calculations which is related to machine learning.

SCALA: Scala is used in Data processing, distributed computing, and web development. It powers the data engineering infrastructure of many companies. It also used by Data Scientist Developer.

PySpark: It used to handle the Big Data related task. When data is too long then right choice to implement PySpark. It also support the SQL so it make easy to execute the query.

Hive/HADOOP: It also used by Big Data expert to implement big data related task. Now a day most of industries which is working over past decades then data of these industries is too long. To handle these data Hive/HADOOP is the right choice of developer.

Tkinter: This is the python tool which used to create GUI applications. It also used to create Data Science and Machine Learning Application.

Django/Flask: These are the python Framework which is used to create GUI Applications. If you are looking to hire expert which can do your machine learning web application then you can choose these frameworks.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Linear regression is a method of modeling relationship between dependent variable y and independent variable X. There can be one or more independent variables. When there is only one independent/explanatory variable, it is called Simple Linear Regression and for more variables, it is called Multiple Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Logistic regression is used to estimate discrete values (binary values with yes/no or true/false stats) based on a set of independent variables.

Decision Trees

This is a very famous and widely used supervised learning algorithm which is used in classification problems. It works for both categorical and continuous variables.

SVM (Support Vector Machine)

This is a classification method. In this method, each plot is placed in n-dimensional space. Here n represents the number of features. For example, if we have two features, we plot two variables in two dimensional space where each point will have two co-ordinates. These coordinates are known as Support Vector. After plotting the points, we can find one or more lines that splits the data in some groups. The line is called Classifier. According to where the data lies we can classify the data. We can say that it does the separation of the data into the classes

Naive Bayes (NB)

This is a classification method. Naïve Bayes works on Bayes% theorem. This classification method assumes that the features in this method are independent. This classifier assumes that the presence of any particular feature in this class is unrelated to presence of any other given feature. All features contribute independently to the probability of that class. Naive Bayes classifier calculates the probabilities for every factor. From that, it selects outcome with highest probability.

KNN (k-Nearest Neighbors)

It is both: a classification and a regression method. However it is widely used for classification problems. K nearest neighbors is a simple algorithm that stores all available cases and classifies new cases based on a similarity measure. It works in following way:

Loads the data, initialises the value of k. Then it repeats the steps to get the predicted class as given below.

  • Calculates the distance from test data and rows in training data.

  • Sorts the calculated distance in ascending order.

  • Gets top k rows from the sorted array.

  • Gets the most frequent class of these rows.

  • Returns predicted class.


k-means is a type of unsupervised learning algorithm, which is used for unlabelled data. K-means is the simple and easy way to classify a given data set through a number of clusters where k is number of assumed clusters. In k-means we have clusters and each cluster has its own centroid. Here is the way how k-means works:

  • k-means picks k number of points for each cluster known as centroid.

  • Each data point forms a cluster with closest centroid. Finds the centroid of each cluster based on members in that cluster. Repeats this step to find new centroids.

  • Finds closest distance for each data point from new centroids. Associates it with new k-clusters.

Random Forest

Random Forest or Random Decision Forest is supervised classification algorithm. It can also be used for the regression. By its name random forest is a collection of decision trees. This collection of decision trees is known as forest. It creates the forest in some random way.

In random forest, we can resolve the problem of over fitting if there are enough trees in the forest. This algorithm can handle missing values and also works for categorical values.

This algorithm has two steps. One is to create the random forest and other is to make the predictions. Random forest is the best algorithm for feature engineering. It can be used to identify most important features.

Dimensionality Reduction

Dimensionality reduction or dimension reduction is the process of reducing number of random variables under consideration by obtaining a set of principal variables. There are two components for dimension reduction.

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List of areas in which our expert are working now:

Supervised learning – it occurs when an

algorithm inferring from labeled training

data and produces function. It used to

analyze the training data .

Unsupervised learning – it occurs when an

algorithm inferring from unlabeled data. It

is used to deform the data into any other form.

Reinforcement learning- It performs a certain

goal without any guidance.

Other important approaches of machine learning are as follows:

Face Recognition Assignment Help

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We are provide help in any type of programming Help, Project Help, Online support, Transfer Learning project development.

Looking For CNN Assignment Help

A convolutional neural network (CNN, or ConvNet) is a class of deep neural networks ( a simple neural network with more than one hidden layer). They are also known as shift invariant or space invariant artificial neural networks (SIANN), based on their shared-weights architecture and translation invariance characteristics.

Realcode4you expert team provide CNN/RNN related project Help, assignment Help and homework Help. In this we are convers all the topics which is related to this:

Image recognition , OCR (Optical character recognition), Object detection for self-driving cars, Face recognition on social media, Image analysis in healthcare, Image tagging, Visual Search, Recommender engines, Predictive Analytics - Health Risk Assessment, Predictive Analytics - Drug Discovery, image processing, classification, image segmentation, Video analysis

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Realcode4you is a good programming and coding help website for students which is looking for online Transfer Learning Project, Assignment, and Coursework Help to students at all levels whether it is professionals, school, college and university level Coursework Help or Real-time Transfer Learning project. Hire us and Get your projects done by Transfer Learning expert and developer or learn from Transfer Learning expert with team training & coaching experiences.

Frameworks, Tools and Libraries which used for this:

Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow, theano, Pillow, numpy, pandas, openCV, jupyter notebook

Get Help In Time Series Analysis to do your R Programming, MATLAB and ML Project Realcode4you Assignment and project Help team also help you to do your time series analysis related task. Hire expert to get instant help in time seriees analysis projects. For Example: Consumption of energy per hour, Sales on daily basis, Company's profits per quarter, Annual changes in a population of a country.

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#configure postgresql database 
#!pip install sqlalchemy==1.3.9
#!pip install ibm_db_sa
!pip install ipython-sql
!pip install psycopg2-binary
#%load_ext sql
%sql postgresql://postgres:Naveen@4223@localhost/naveen
import psycopg2 as pg
import as psql
conn = pg.connect(database="nav",user="postgres", password="password123")
#test the query
%sql SELECT * FROM table1;

Get Help In Master Thesis Project Research and thesis topics in Machine Learning is the first choice of masters and Doctorate scholars now a days. The main aim of machine learning is to create intelligent machines which can think and work like human beings. Hire expert to do your master thesis projects.

Get Help In Machine Learning Libraries Related Task

  • Plotly

  • ​ggplot

  • Sympy

  • Numpy

  • Sklearn

  • Matplotlib

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Get Help In Data Visualization Tools

  • Tableau (and Tableau Public):

  • ​Infogram:

  • D3.js

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Plotly

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In this Tableau is the most important and demandable tool which used in recent time in data visualization:

Product Suite Of Tableau

The Tableau Product Suite consists of: Tableau Desktop: With Tableau Desktop, you can connect to a variety of data sources and start visualizing data. Here you

  • need to connect with the dataset(data can be any format like: text, csv, json, excel, etc.),

  • After this you prepare your data and last

  • You need to build the visualization. It provide community support. Here, the community of Tableau users can’t wait to meet you. Network, ask questions, share ideas, and hear what’s coming next.

Tableau Public: The Tableau Public is essentially a free version of Tableau visualization software. It allows you to use most of the software functions. You can create visualizations and connect to CSV, Text and Excel documents. Tableau Public is a free platform to publicly share and explore data visualizations online. Anyone can create visualizations using either Tableau Desktop Professional Edition or the free Public Edition. With millions of inspiring data visualizations, or “vizzes” as we affectionately call them, anyone can see and understand vizzes about any public data topic under the sun, making data part of everyday life and supporting a community to grow and learn from each other.

Tableau Online: Tableau Online is your analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud. Publish dashboards and share your discoveries with anyone. In this, you ca invite colleagues or customers to explore hidden opportunities with interactive visualizations and accurate data.

Tableau Server: Tableau Desktop user, you will be able to create workbooks and views, dashboards, and data sources in Tableau Desktop, and then publish this content to your Server but in "Tableau Server user, you will be able to access up-to-date content and gain quick insights without relying on static distributed content."

SweetViz Visualization Help – EDA in Seconds

SweetViz is an open-source Python library that generates beautiful, high-density visualizations. Output of this is generate in fully contained HTML format. Here we can quickly visualizing target values and comparing datasets. Its goal is to help quick analysis of target characteristics, training vs testing data, and other such data characterization tasks. expert has the excellent team of data visualization experts and professionals. Here you get complete solution of all types of EDA related task.

Get Help In Rapid Miner Business Analysis Tool

Rapid Miner Analysis Using Auto Model:

Unlike existing automated machine learning approaches, Auto Model is not a “black box” that prevents data scientists from understanding how the model works. Auto Model generates a RapidMiner Studio process behind the scenes, so data scientists can fine tune and test models before putting them into production.

Hire Expert To Do Your R Programming Visualization Task?

R Programming is most useful programming language to create visuals to show the data which make easy to understand it. It support many Libraries which Make it easy to use:

# Load data here

Hire Expert To Get Help In Sequence Learning Projects Everything in life depends on time and therefore, represents a sequence. To perform machine learning with sequential data (text, speech, video, etc.) we could use a regular neural network and feed it the entire sequence, but the input size of our data would be fixed, which is quite limiting.

Here the topics in which you can get help in our sequence learning Projects: Recurrent Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), Word Embedding, Encoder-Decoder, And More other Topics Related To Sequence Learning

Hire Expert To Get Help In R Programming Projects R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, …) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible. You Can Get Help In: Visualization, Time Series Analysis, Supervised & Unsupervised Algorithms, R Studio, R Libraries, Plotly, Research and Report Writing related projects and assignments

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Here list of some other most important machine learning topics which is also important for machine learning expert.

Get Help In Data Mining Project

Data mining is the process of discovering hidden patterns in data, where (a) Patterns refer to inherent relationships and/or dependencies in the data, and (b) Large-scale data is typically stored in a database environment.

Get Help In Machine Learning OpenCV

OpenCV Assignment Help Our Machine Learning Expert Provide OpenCV Assignment help & OpenCV homework help. Our expert are able to do your OpenCV homework assignments at bachelors , masters & the research level. Here you can get top quality code and report at any basic to advanced level. We are solve lots of projects and papers related to OpenCV and Machine Learning research paper so you can get code with more experienced expert.

Get Help In Machine Learning Computer Vision

Below the import topics related to computer vision in which you can get instant help: Image Processing, Object Classification, Image Recognition, Object Identification, Image Classification, Object Verification, Object Detection, Object Landmark Detection, Object Segmentation, Object Recognition

Optimal Transport Assignment for Object Detection: OTA

Recent advances in label assignment in object detection mainly seek to independently define positive/negative training samples for each ground-truth (gt) object. In this paper, we innovatively revisit the label assignment from a global perspective and propose to formulate the assigning procedure as an Optimal Transport (OT) problem -- a well-studied topic in Optimization Theory.

Get Help In Features Extraction Techniques

There are many feature extraction techniques in which you can also get help; Independent component analysis, Isomap, Kernel PCA, Latent semantic analysis, Partial least squares, Principal component analysis, Multifactor dimensionality reduction, Nonlinear dimensionality reduction, Multilinear Principal Component Analysis, Multilinear subspace learning, Semidefinite embedding, Autoencoder. Hire expert to do your features extraction related task. We are focus to deliver code as per your given requiremet.

Business Research Forecasting

If you need any help in business research forecasting models which is given below then our expert expert ready to implement business models: There are main 6 Types of Demand Forecasting: Passive Demand Forecasting, Active Demand Forecasting, Short Term Projections, Long Term Projections, Internal Business Forecasting, External Macro Forecasting

Deep Learning Topics In Which You Can Get Help Below the some important topics in which you can get help: Single-layer neural networks: The perceptron algorithm Mathematical and computational foundations

  • Linear algebra and calculus for deep learning

  • Parameter optimization with gradient descent

  • Automatic differentiation with PyTorch

  • Cluster and cloud computing resources

Below the some important deep learning libraries in which you can get help.

Get Help In Machine Learning Keras

What is keras? Keras is the high-level API of TensorFlow 2: an approchable, highly-productive interface for solving machine learning problems, with a focus on modern deep learning. It provides essential abstractions and building blocks for developing and shipping machine learning solutions with high iteration velocity.

The core data structures of Keras are layers and models. The simplest type of model is the Sequential model, a linear stack of layers. For more complex architectures, you should use the Keras functional API, which allows to build arbitrary graphs of layers, or write models entirely from scratch via subclasssing.

Get Help In Machine Learning Tensorflow

TensorFlow is a free and open-source software library for machine learning. It can be used across a range of tasks but has a particular focus on training and inference of deep neural networks.

Ensemble Learning Assignment Help

A group of predictors is called an ensemble; thus, this technique is called Ensemble Learning, and an Ensemble Learning algorithm is called an Ensemble method. Ensemble methods, including bagging, boosting, and stacking. We will also explore Random Forests.

Bagging and Pasting: One way to get a diverse set of classifiers is to use very different training algorithms, as just discussed. Another approach is to use the same training algorithm for every predictor and train them on different random subsets of the training set. When sampling is performed with replacement, this method is called bagging (short for boot-strap aggregating). When sampling is performed without replacement, it is called pasting.

Boosting: Boosting refers to any Ensemble method that can combine several weak learners into a strong learner. The general idea of most boosting methods is to train predictors sequentially, each trying to correct its predecessor. There are many boosting methods available, but by far the most popular are AdaBoost (short for Adaptive Boosting) and Gradient Boosting. Let’s start with AdaBoost.

Stacking: The last Ensemble method we will discuss in this chapter is called stacking (short for stacked generalization). It is based on a simple idea: instead of using trivial functions (such as hard voting) to aggregate the predictions of all predictors in an ensemble, why don’t we train a model to perform this aggregation? The following figure shows such an ensemble performing a regression task on a new instance.

Hire pandas developer For:

  • Applied Data Science

  • Data Analysis

  • The Complete Pandas Bootcamp 2021

  • Data Processing

  • Data Manipulation in Python

  • Data Analysis in Python with Pandas

  • Manage Finance Data

  • The Ultimate Pandas Bootcamp

  • Pandas with Python Tutorial

  • Pandas: Beginner to Advanced

Hire Deep Reinforcement Learning Experts - Thesis project

Get help In World Models

Here we understand some generative neural network models of popular reinforcement learning environments in which you can get help from our Reinforcement Learning experts. Our world model can be trained quickly in an unsupervised manner to learn a compressed spatial.

Agent Model

In this model, our agent has a visual sensory component that compresses what it sees into a small representative code. It also has a memory component that makes predictions about future codes based on historical information. Finally, our agent has a decision-making component that decides what actions to take based only on the representations created by its vision and memory components.

Our agent consists of three components that work closely together: Vision (V), Memory (M), and Controller (C).

VAE (V) Model

The environment provides our agent with a high dimensional input observation at each time step. This input is usually a 2D image frame that is part of a video sequence.

MDN-RNN (M) Model

The M model serves as a predictive model of the future z vectors that V is expected to produce. Because many complex environments are stochastic in nature, we train our RNN to output a probability density function p(z) instead of a deterministic prediction of z.

Controller (C) Model

The Controller (C) model is responsible for determining the course of actions to take in order to maximize the expected cumulative reward of the agent during a rollout of the environment.

Below is the pseudocode for how our agent model is used in the OpenAI Gym environment. Running this function on a given controller C will return the cumulative reward during a rollout of the environment.

def rollout(controller):
  ''' env, rnn, vae are '''
  ''' global variables  '''
  obs = env.reset()
  h = rnn.initial_state()
  done = False
  cumulative_reward = 0
  while not done:
    z = vae.encode(obs)
    a = controller.action([z, h])
    obs, reward, done = env.step(a)
    cumulative_reward += reward
    h = rnn.forward([a, z, h])
  return cumulative_reward

Hire Machine Learning EdgeDB, Graph Databases, and Yelp graph data model Experts


The three major platofrms are supported:

  1. Windows

  2. MacOS

  3. Linux

EdgeDB instance

  • A quickstart tutorial will walk you through the entire process of creating a simple EdgeDB-powered application Quick Start Tutorial

  • Make sure to initialize your EdgeDB project from your current project directory and type from the terminal/command prompt the following command:

    • edgedb project init


  • You can use the EdgeDB UI, the admin dashboard baked into every EdgeDB instance when you are instrumenting with your queries and requirements

  • Type the following command from a terminal/window to start the edgedb ui in a browser:

    • edgedb ui



EdgeDB Python Driver


Example And Practice Set

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