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Refund Policy

Company is responsible to refund your money if unable to satisfied our client or not fulfill your given requirement.

Term and condition

We will refund your money In three conditions:

  • Do not delivered your project within given due date

  • Partial delivery

  • Order cancellation

Do not delivered your project within given due date: Our purpose to delivered your project or assignment on given due but in some cases if expert do not completed your project due to some physical problem or unbale to reach the requirement in given time frame then our responsibility to refund your money.


Partial delivery: In some cases expert not completed your task completely or completed it above 50 percentage, or not reach the complete requirement due to assignment complexity or other physical problem then we refund your partial money as per your discussion in which both parties are satisfied.


Order cancellation: In some cases orders are cancelled by our client due to professor change the requirement or increase the due date or any other reasons by which you need to cancelled the order in that situation our responsibility to refund your money, it do with some cases:

  • You need to cancelled order within 3 -4 hours after when deal is confirmed. If you cancel order after this time frame then we can initiate partial refund because wastage of expert time.

  • Need to give the proper reason for order cancellation

Refund Processing

Once you receive the refund confirmation, the company will process it within seven business days from the confirmation date. Please note, that the company can not be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.


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