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MongoDB Assignment Help

Our MongoDB Expert Provide MongoDB Assignment help & MongoDB homework help. Our expert are able to do your MongoDB  homework assignments at bachelors , masters & the research level. Here you can get top quality code and report at any basic to advanced level. We are solve lots of projects and papers related to MongoDB  so you can get code with more experienced expert.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open-source database that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language. It is one of the most powerful NoSQL systems and databases.

Features Of MongoDB

There are many features which is important for MongoDB Database;  Queries, Index Support, Replication, Multiple Servers, Auto-sharding, MapReduce, Failure Handling, GridFS, Schema-less Database, Document-oriented Storage, Procedures

Why Do You Need MongoDB Assignment Help?

Some Important Reasons so that you need to MongoDB Assignment Help:

  • No downtime while the application is being scaled

  • Performs in-memory processing

  • Text search

  • Graph processing

  • Global replication

  • Economical

Advantage Of MongoDB

Some Important Advantages of  MongoDB Assignment: Distributed Data Platform, Flexible Database, Sharding, High Speed, High Availability, Scalability, Ad-hoc Query Support, Easy Environment Setup, Full Technical Support

Why use MongoDB or any NoSQL DB?
  • Main reason: Allows efficient and quick scaling up

    • Makes sense only if large amount data needs to be ingested quickly

      • Volume and Velocity  (volume by itself may not be a good enough reason)

      • Especially, if the data comes in unpredictable bursts

  • Second reason: Variety of data in the sense that the data to be ingested does not all have the same fields

    • Schema-less or schema optional

    • Not clear how Cassandra supports that

  • Third reason: Eliminates expensive joins for querying data

    • Why do we need that?

      • Large volumes of data will result in very expensive joins

      • Real-time applications

Advantage Of MongoDB

MongoDB Database Design Help(Hire Database Designing Expert)

What is MongoDB database design? Database Design is a collection of processes that facilitate the designing, development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise data management systems. Properly designed database are easy to maintain, improves data consistency and are cost effective in terms of disk storage space.

  • Why database design is important?

  • It helps produce database systems

  • That meet the requirements of the users

  • Have high performance.


​MongoDB Database Modelling

Two database models used to design database: Logical Model, Physical Model​

Logical Model

  • This stage is concerned with developing a database model based on requirements. The entire design is on paper without any physical implementations or specific DBMS considerations.

Physical Model

  • This stage implements the logical model of the database taking into account the DBMS and physical implementation factors.​


MongoDB Database Implementation(Hire Expert for database Implementation)

  • In database implementation we have used below two methods:

  • Data conversion and loading - this stage of relational databases design is concerned with importing and converting data from the old system into the new database.

  • Testing - this stage is concerned with the identification of errors in the newly implemented system. It checks the database against requirement specifications.​


ER Diagram(Hire Expert to create ER Diagram)

  • Entity Relationship Model (ER Modeling) is a graphical approach to database design. It is a high-level data model that defines data elements and their relationship for a specified software system. An ER model is used to represent real-world objects​

  • If you need any help related to ER diagram then feel free to contact us and get instant help with Realcode4you.


Schema Diagram(Hire Expert to create Schema Diagram)

  • A database schema defines how the data is organised using the schema diagram. A schema diagram is a diagram which contains entities and the attributes that will define that schema. A schema diagram only shows us the database design.

Querying With MongoDB Database

  • Here you can get any queries related help related to MongoDB database, if you need help in any query related to INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, JOIN, TRIGGER, PROCEDURE, TANSACTION, etc. then contact us and get instant help with affordable prices.

MongoDB Sample Practice Set


Query 1:

What is the count of records where the transaction_amt is less than $10?


Query 2:

Add a new field named "donar_cat" to the collection "Contrib_data". 
donar_cat field should have a value of "big_fish" if the transaction_amt is greater than or equal to $500 
and "small fish" if transaction_amt is less than $500. Print  out total amount for each donar_cat as final output.


Query 3:

Give the top 5 cmte_received by transaction amount.


Query 4:

Give the top 5 cmte_received by transaction amount that candidate 'BACHMANN, MICHELE' gave money to.

If you work with Command line then first need to import csv file:

mongoimport --db MongoDB --collection Contrib_data --type csv --file Contrib_data.csv --headerline


> mongo
> show dbs
> use MongoDB
> show collections

Answer 2:
> db.Contrib_data.find( { TRANSACTION_AMT: { $lt: 10 } } ).count()

Answer 3:

     $addFields: {
       donar_cat : ""

             donar_cat : 1,
             donar_cat :
                 $cond: { if: { $gte: [ "$TRANSACTION_AMT", 500 ] }, then: "big_fish", else: "small fish" }

           _id : "$donar_cat",
           totalAmount: { $sum: "$TRANSACTION_AMT"}

Answer 4:
     { $sort : { TRANSACTION_AMT:-1} },
     { $limit : 5 },
     { $project : {_id: 0,cmte_received  : 1,TRANSACTION_AMT: 1} }

Answer 5:
      { $sort : { TRANSACTION_AMT:-1} },
     { $match : { "CAND_NAME" : "BACHMANN, MICHELE"} },
     { $project : {_id: 0,cmte_received  : 1,CAND_NAME: 1,TRANSACTION_AMT:1} },
      { $limit : 5 }

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