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SQL Server

You can hire our SQL Server expert to solve such  SQL Server assignment problems for you.

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You can hire our MySQL assignment solvers to solve such MySQL assignment problems for you.



You can hire our MongoDB assignment solvers to solve such assignment problems for you.

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You can hire our PostgreSQL expert to solve such  PostgreSQL assignment problems for you.

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MS Access

You can hire our MS Access assignment solvers to solve such assignment problems for you.

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You can hire our SQLite database assignment solvers to solve such assignment problems for you.

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What is Database?

A database is a data structure which organized collection of information, information any types. Basically databases is a collection of tables, most databases contain multiple tables, which have several different fields. For example, a company database may include tables for products, employees, and financial records.

A database is usually controlled by a Database Management System(DBMS). 

The data can then be easily accessed, managed, modified, updated, controlled, and organized. Most databases use structured query language (SQL) for writing and querying data.

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Do you want to search person who can help you to do your database Assignment? Then is the right place.  Realcode4you provides provided top rated online platform that students who are struggling with this area due to lack to time, lots of work in short time frame. We offer our services at  affordable prices then the other services for all students and professionals. Realcode4you team covers all requirements which is given by your professor or industries and also provided the code assistance with low price so you can understand the code flow easily.

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Why We Use Database?

There are many reason so that we have Databases:​​

  • Most of web application have a lots of data records, to save this records database is necessary

  • Database is like store areas so it is important to every programming languages

  • We can easily access data through database and update it.

  • All the business and industries are depends on data to databases is require to save these data.

Database Serviced Offered by Us?

Here list of services which is offered by realcode4you.​

SQL Server Databases Help, MYSQL Database Help, MongoDB Database Help, SQlite Database Help, And other more uses..

How we can help?

There are simple steps by which you can get help by <realcode4you> expert teams:​

  • Post Your Project Requirements

  • Discuss Project Details with Our Analysts

  • Choose Terms & Timelines

  • Securely Pay Online Using any payment methods

  • Fix any  issue after delivered project

Application of Database Which Make It Better For Development

“Database application” can mean two things:

One: It can refer to software running a database system. MongoDB Server or SQL Server are both software that provide the following:

  1. Efficiently store and retrieve data from a file system to a network client.

  2. Offer rich capabilities for querying and manipulating data from a variety of drivers.

  3. Secure and authorize the access to the stored data

  4. Scale

  5. Provide fault tolerance and recovery (including backups) for our data

Two: It can refer to applications that are heavily coupled to a specific database and built to provide elements of that database to the end user. Some examples of such applications include:

  • Online encyclopedias (Wikipedia)

  • Social media websites (Facebook)

  • CRM systems (Salesforce)

  • Email systems (Gmail)

  • E-commerce websites (Amazon)

Why Developers Prefer Database

Databases are the backbone of software applications, it store the information which need to view in user interface. To developing a desktop software tool or a mobile app or web applications, you need a database technology to store the information and process it. Database technologies take, store, organize and process the information securely in such a way that the users have to make minimal efforts to search for that information.

The software market is full of different kinds of database technologies in all shapes and sizes and from simpler to complex forms, making it difficult for developers to choose the best one. 

Here are the key takeaways -

  1. MySQL wins the race of most-preferred database technology with 34% of respondents opting for it.

  2. Microsoft’s SQL Server remains at the second position with 26% votes.

  3. The third position is occupied by Oracle server that has achieved around 20% of the total votes.

  4. As the popularity of No-SQL database programs is increasing rapidly, MongoDB has gained 11% votes leaving behind Postgre SQL with 9%.

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Online Database Tutors

Realcode4you online tutors are ready to help you with the database topics in which you are struggling. You can choose or hire our one-on-one tutoring or homework assistance to get the academic support or any industrial support. You can request live or through mail directly for online tutoring session to get personalized academic support. Our tutors provide one-to-one live session in which all doubts are clear easily. We are also provide coursework or document which help you to practice related topics in database. Here you get solution of all databases.

If you have any doubt related to database then we can also clear. Here some FAQ which can help you:

  • What Type Of Coding Is Used In database?

  • How To Use database?

  • How To Use Database In Different Programming Languages?

  • How much time we will take to learn it?

There are many doubts in your mind when you start database as a programming expert. Our Tutors easily explain your all doubts in live session and provide better help in your coursework and homework.

Database Assignment Help from the Best-Qualified Experts & Professionals


Database is very useful for each web development task. It use to store the record or information which use show on user interface.  There are many databases which is necessary to know for each web programming expert or developers. Realcode4you is the group of best-qualifies experts & professionals which can do your any problems which is related to Database Assignment, Database Project & Database Homework

We are hove only team of masters and 5+ Year experience professionals which easily understand your all requirement easily at any level. There are many other service provider which has team of professionals and expert that has lack of knowledge & experience. To overcome this issue I hire top institute experts and  professionals which well experienced in specific domain.

Topics & Databases In Which You Can Get Help

Get Help In Database Design

Database design defines the database structure used for planning, storing, and managing information. A well-designed database is imperative in guaranteeing information consistency, eliminating redundant data, efficiently executing queries, and improving the performance of the database.

Database Designing Techniques:

Normalization, Entity-Relationship (ER) Modeling, Define the objective of your database, Distribute the data into tables, Change data items into columns, Identify primary keys, Determine how tables are related

Get Help In Database Implementation

It is the process of: installation of database software, configuration and customization, running, testing, integrating with applications, and training the users. ​​

Get Help In Database Querying

You can get help in database querying in different database topics:

Simple database Queries, Using Join, Using Views, Using Trigger, Using Procedure, Using Index, Using Case.

Get Help In Database ER Diagram

You can get help in ER diagram which is related to your business or organization.

Get Help In Database Schema Diagram

We are also providing help in database Schema, if you looking help to create database schema using given database then we can help you.

student registration ER diagram.JPG
schema diagram.JPG
Need Help In Database Normalization Task?

We are also providing Data base Normalization related help. If you face issue to normalize the database then we are ready to help you. We are covers all types of database Normalization task.

Types of Database Normalization: First Normal Form (1 NF), Second Normal Form (2 NF), Third Normal Form (3 NF), Boyce Codd Normal Form or Fourth Normal Form ( BCNF or 4 NF), Fifth Normal Form (5 NF), Sixth Normal Form (6 NF)

Hire Expert To Get Help In "Oracle" Database

Realcode4you is the top rated website where you can get help in all Oracle Database related Project, Assignments, Homework, Coursework. Here you can get help in all Oracle Database queries(which is related to CREATE, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, TRIGGER, VIEWS, PROCEDURE, etc. ), ER Diagram, Shema Diagram and more other topics related Oracle Database is available round the clock at your service. All you need to do is get in touch with us during any time of the day, place your order and allow our Database assignment help experts to back you up with comprehensive assistance on the go.

Developer Guide

Hire expert that can help, how to write code and how to deploy it on web server. 

Quality Code


Get quality code. Just need to send your requirement details only.

Proper Guidelines

Get proper guideline as per your project requirement and get full support.

Interactive Interface

Creating interactive Interface to design GUI for deployment.

Developer Guide

There are many problems if you are new in programming languages like: Software Installation, to running the code, write code in proper syntax, fix issues if face when run the code, and more others. Realcode4you python expert provide full guide to run the code which is related to your project task, assignment and homework. Here you can directly connect and communicate with expert to get instant support in programming and coding.

Quality Code

Every developer and professionals know about coding which is related to computer background but problem is that how to write code professionally which follow proper coding standard. Our expert provide the quality code as per your expectation. 

Proper Guideline

Our expert provide proper guideline to run the code, to fix the issues and how to write the code from basic to advance level. So get in touch with realcode4you expert to get proper guideline and support. 

Interactive Interface

If you are looking to hire expert which can create interactive interface and create proper user interface which looks professionally then contact realcode4you expert. Realcode4you professionals and developer create GUI as per your business and academic need.

Why Student Need Database Assignment 

There are some reasons for which student search the online assignment help, online homework help services:

Not have enough time or time shortage-

A number of students already have other work at the same time or which has same due date then to manage all task is difficult. To overcome these we are providing the online assignment help, homework help services. Here you get all programming expert which can easily handle your all task which has same time frame for submission.

Lack of programming skills-

If you have basic programming skills or you work as a beginners then face problems to do your task then don't worry about it, our expert provide full support at cheap price to do your task. Here you can also get 1-to-1 live session with our expert.

Lack of resources-

If you not have proper resource which is related to your task then here you can get all support and also get resources which is related to your programming skills. We are providing complete guidance and provide good resources which can help your to improve your programming skills.

Not have interest -

Many of the students have enough knowledge and skills but still, they are struggling only because of their interest factor. Without interest, you cannot create an eye-catching assignment that can help you to achieve a high score

Database SQL Queries Sample

Problem Description:

Hatfield Apple Tree Suppliers (HATS) sell a wide variety of apple trees of differing varieties. The plants are of different ages and grown on different rootstock types, which determine the size of the tree when mature.










Query 1: 

A customer has an existing tree which has a "late" fruiting season, they wish to compliment this with an early fruiting variety. Provide a list of all apple varieties which fruit early. The report should give the name of the Variety, the fruit colour and the yield.

Hertified Apple.jpg
Schema Diagram.JPG

Query 2: 

Provide a customer with a list of all trees HATS have in stock, that grow on M9 rootstock. Order the output starting with the most expensive. The report should provide the Name of the Variety, the price and the Tree_ID.

Query 3:

Write a query that returns the maximum number of trees placed on any order.
-- Hint : Aggregation functions can be neste
-- Solution Test: Maximum is 7

Query 4:

Use a nested select statement to answer the following:
List all the customers with the same Given_Name as the Customer with the  Customer_ID 'C11834'. The output should provide a SINGLE column giving the full name of the customers required in a readable form of your choice. The heading for this column should be "Name"

-- Hint: Identify the inner and outer queries
-- Solution Test: 3 customers, including C11834 share that given name. unless you have the same name of course.

Query 5:

List all orders in which more than one type of tree has been requested.
The report should contain the Order_ID and how many different tree types were ordered. Provide meaningful column headings and Order the report by most ty pes first.

-- Hint: Think about the Order_Item records as components of an Order_Form
-- Solution Test: Including YOUR order 2 with multiple tree types, there should be 28 multi-tree orders.

4 Simple Steps To Ordering Process

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Simple Steps

Place Order: This is the first where you need to place the order. To place order click on "Order Now" button which is on website top menu.

Pay Advance To Confirm Deal: To confirm order you need to pay 50% as a advance.

Task Completed And Prepared : When Task is completed, expert send output result or screen recording or you can check code remotely.

Deliver Task Successfully: After Completing Remaining 50% payment we have delivered your code or project. 

Note: If anything is missing by expert in requirement then we will fix it without any external charges.

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Let's Check Our Demo Work: Database Design And Implementation


Database Design is a group of steps that help from the creation of a data management system to maintaining one. A well-designed database includes a large quantity of information placed in a framework, making it easier to provide access to precise and up-to-date information.

The aim of this project is to implement database design steps in a Movie Rental business, with the purpose of storing relevant data about the customers and the movies they have rented. The business has a system, represented in Table 1, that “In its current form, the table is a traditional database. Should you keep it that way?” The answer to this question triggers the project and yes, it should be kept that way. Traditional databases, also known as relational databases, organize the data into tables, which can be related based on common data (Halpin, 2001), enabling a better understanding of the relationships among the entities. Relational databases have several advantages like the process of normalisation, less redundancy, the use of SQL and DDL, more flexibility when changing or adding data, being transactional which makes it easier to backup.

The project advances with the process of implementing the database, followed by the justification of the database design steps.


The initial table was in 1NF. In order to be in 2NF redundant data was moved to a separate table, remaining the information shown above in Table 2, which was already in 3NF since every field depended on the primary key.


Considering the remaining data, it was clear that it would be easier to group the data in tables where the fields were dependent on the primary key, creating Tables 3 and 4. They were already in 3NF, achieving all the requirements for 1NF and 2NF

Creating ER Diagram

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