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Analyse Airbnb Dataset Listings in New York | Practice Set

End Objective

To prepare for the next best steps that Airbnb needs to take as a business, you have been asked to analyse a dataset consisting of various Airbnb listings in New York. Based on this analysis, you need to give two presentations to the following groups.

  1. Presentation - I

    • Data Analysis Managers: These people manage the data analysts directly for processes and their technical expertise is basic.

    • Lead Data Analyst: The lead data analyst looks after the entire team of data and business analysts and is technically sound.

  2. Presentation - II

    • Head of Acquisitions and Operations, NYC: This head looks after all the property and host acquisitions and operations. Acquisition of the best properties, price negotiation, and negotiating the services the properties offer falls under the purview of this role.

    • Head of User Experience, NYC: The head of user experience looks after the customer preferences and also handles the properties listed on the website and the Airbnb app. Basically, the head of user experience tries to optimise the order of property listing in certain neighbourhoods and cities in order to get every property the optimal amount of traction.


Download the dataset given below. This dataset contains information about different Airbnb listings along with their hosts, locations, prices and other attributes.

The columns in the dataset are self-explanatory. You can refer to the diagram given below to get a better idea of what each column signifies. Note: The price column contains the price/night.

Dataset Description You can classify the variables into different types – categorical, numeric, location and time. It is important to understand which plot needs to be used for plotting each variable. You can refer to the variable categories by looking at the diagram given below.


  1. PPT-I: A presentation with 8-12 slides to be showcased to the data analysis managers and lead data analyst in PDF format.

  2. PPT-II: A presentation with 8-12 slides to be showcased to the Head of Acquisitions & Operations and the Head of User Experience in PDF format.

  3. Methodology Document: A document attached in the appendix of both the presentations that showcase the methodology that was undertaken for the analysis along with all the steps/codes that were performed in detail (You can find more details in the evaluation rubric segment). Without this document, the other parts of your case study will not be evaluated and you will be rewarded zero marks for the assignment

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