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What Is Markdown In Machine Learning ? | Use Of Markdown In Machine Learning

Markdown is a special kind of markup language that lets you format text with simple syntax. You can then use a converter program like pandoc to convert Markdown into whatever format you want: HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

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MarkDown Formatting

Markdown Using LaTeX For Math

Markdown uses LaTeX to create fancy mathematical equations. There are like a billion little options and features available for math equations—you can find helpful examples at below link:

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You can use math in two different ways: inline or in a display block. To use math inline, wrap it in single dollar signs, like $y = mx + b$:

Creating Tables

Four kinds of tables may be used. The first three kinds presuppose the use of a fixed-width font, such as Courier. The fourth kind can be used with proportionally spaced fonts, as it does not require lining up columns.

Extension: table_captions

A caption may optionally be provided with all 4 kinds of tables (as illustrated in the examples below). A caption is a paragraph beginning with the string Table: (or just :), which will be stripped off. It may appear either before or after the table.

Extension: simple_tables

Simple tables look like this:

Get full documentation at here

Markdown Using Footnotes

Pandoc’s Markdown allows footnotes, using the following syntax:


Here is a footnote reference,[^1] and another.[^longnote]

[^1]: Here is the footnote.

[^longnote]: Here's one with multiple blocks.

    Subsequent paragraphs are indented to show that they
belong to the previous footnote.

        { some.code }

    The whole paragraph can be indented, or just the first
    line.  In this way, multi-paragraph footnotes work like
    multi-paragraph list items.

This paragraph won't be part of the note, because it
isn't indented.

Get full documentation at here

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