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SQL Assignment help | Practice Set


Leads (Lead_ID, Created_Date, Lead_Owner)

Accounts (Account_ID, Created_Date, Revenue_Target, Industry, Acc_Owner)

Opportunities (Opportunity_ID, Created_Date, Stage, Opportunity_Bookings, Opp_Owner, Account_ID,


Q1. What was the total number of leads created in April by ‘Jane Smith’?

Q2. What is the total number of opportunities created per industry? Sort from lowest to highest

Q3. How many opportunities with Stage as ‘Open’ do the accounts in ‘Automotive’ industry have?

Q4. What are the total bookings ‘Closed Won’ by each owner for all leads created after August 1st?

Q5. Assuming a lead was created first, what is the average time between opportunity creation and lead

creation for each industry? Sort by highest to lowest average time

Q6. Please answer the following questions in a structured way (Maximum 1 page in total in Word for the

2 questions)

  • What was the most complex dashboard/data visualization you built? Should include at least: Audience, Goal, Why it was complex, Impact/use of the dashboard

  • Describe a situation where you had to deal with and resolve data issues (e.g. Data inaccuracy, instability, data quality)


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