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Shark-attack Prediction Using Pandas | Machine Learning Homework Help

Now a day machine learning is the most demand-able technology to create artificial intelligence project

Here list the top rated project which necessary to learn machine learning:

Shark-attacks prediction:

This is data prediction of shark attack, below the details of this project:

Shark attacks!

You have already worked extensively with the shark attack dataset. This version has a few additional columns:

  • Area contains a more precise description of where the incident occurred,

  • Type a broad description of why it happened (importantly, whether the attack was provoked or not),

  • Injury describes the severity of the injury sustained by the victim (if available),

  • Species the shark species involved in the attack (insofar it is known),

  • and finally Size (min) / Size (max) an estimate of the shark's size in cm. The `min` and `max` stem from the fact that the original dataset has a rough description of the attacking shark and often estimates like “between 5 and 7 foot” are provided.

Related Questions:

Question 1: (Which shark species is most dangerous?)

Explanation: In this we find the most dangerous shark, here we find it as per Injury which is large numbers, caused by shark attacks

  • ANS : As per give data the most dangerous shark, whose Injury is "fatal". In this three types of Injury is given, minno, moderate and fatal so easily we will clsssify that most dangerous shark by its Injury types. In this we are focusing one the "Fatal" and "Injury" column of dataset.

Question 2:(Find all moderate enjury species whose `Age` is greater than 17.0)

Explanation: This question are based on the data extraction in which we find the data, in which Injur is moderate and Age is greater then 17.0

  • Ans: In this question we will find all the species whose enjury is moderate, Here below simple logic to find this. This qustion is focusing on two data set column first one is Age and second is Injury After finding the data we plot is using bar to better visulizing it.

Question 3: (Find max size whose enjury is moderate.)


This question based the two dataset columns on is Injury and second is size of shark.


In this we find the large size shark whose Injury is moderate. Finally we plot the graph to show the large size shark data.

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