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Python Tutorial and Programming Practice Set- 2

Question 1:

What are the two values of the Boolean data type? How do you write them?


Two values of Boolean data type: 0 and 1

It is written as False and true respectively.

Question 2:

What are the three different types of Boolean operators?


Three different types of Boolean operators: AND ,OR ,NOT

Question 3:

Make a list of each Boolean operator's truth tables (i.e. every possible combination of Boolean values for the operator and what it evaluate ).


Question 4:

What are the values of the following expressions?


(5 > 4) and (3 == 5):Ans:False(0)

not (5 > 4):Ans: False(0)

(5 > 4) or (3 == 5):Ans: True(1)

not ((5 > 4) or (3 == 5)):Ans: False(0)

(True and True) and (True == False):Ans:False(0)

(not False) or (not True):Ans:True(0)

Question 5:

What are the six comparison operators?



Question 6:

How do you tell the difference between the equal to and assignment operators?Describe a condition and when you would use one.


Equal to:==(compares whether both values are same or not)

Assignment operators: assign values to variables(x=2,y=3 where x assumes value 2 and y as 3 untill modified.

Question 7:

Identify the three blocks in this code:

spam = 0 Ans: Value Assignment

spam = 0 Ans: Value Assignment


if spam > 5: Ans: If condition


else: Ans: else block




Question 8:

Write code that prints Hello if 1 is stored in spam, prints Howdy if 2 is stored in spam, and prints Greetings! if anything else is stored in spam.

Ans: Spam=input(enter spam value)

If spam==1:


elif spam==2:




Question 9:

If your programme is stuck in an endless loop, what keys you’ll press?

Ans: Ctrl+C keys

Question 10:

How can you tell the difference between break and continue?


Break statement makes the control come out of loop

Continue statement takes the control for next iteration

Question 11:

In a for loop, what is the difference between range(10), range(0, 10), and range(0, 10, 1)?


No difference .Range will take value for 0 to 9

Question 12:

Write a short program that prints the numbers 1 to 10 using a for loop. Then write an equivalent program that prints the numbers 1 to 10 using a while loop.

Ans: for I in range(1,11):



While i<11:



Question 13:

If you had a function named bacon() inside a module named spam, how would you call it after importing spam?

Ans: This function can be called with spam. bacon()

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