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Saving and retrieving data from a database is one of the most common operations in a web application. We want you to demonstrate proficiency in this by taking the assignment below.


We want you to write clean and standards compliant PHP to save user information captured from a form into a database, then retrieve and show all records in a list. You may use any framework of your choice or write the assignment in core PHP.

The following fields are needed - Name, Country, Email, Mobile Number, About You, Birthday

There should be a form page to add data, and a paginated list page to view the data. It should also be possible to edit the data for an existing user.

You may use any CSS or Javascript frameworks like bootstrap or jQuery to make the pages look nice and easy to use. The PHP, CSS & JavaScript should follow all best coding practices. We recommend that you make maximum use of HTML & CSS techniques for UI. The form must be properly validated using jQuery.

Assessment Criteria

  • Code quality of the PHP (Use of variables, file and folder structure and use of MVC)

  • Code quality of the HTML, javascript and CSS if any

  • Look and feel of the form and list pages


The completed assignment should be emailed to use. You can share the assignment in any of the below methods.

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