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Design, Implement Database With its Interface PHP | Sample Paper


Task Introduction:

You will have to build a web front-end to the database using HTML, CSS and Javascript that will connect to your database and execute queries using PHP and SQL. The functionality should include:

  • Adding a book to the database

  • Adding a member to the database

  • Searching for a book in the database

  • Searching for a member in the database

  • Update borrow details record in the database

  • Update member details in the database

  • Deleting a book from the database

  • Deleting a member from the database

Make sure that you include as many features from the assessment criteria as possible to maximise your mark but also feel free to experiment and include features of your own choice.


You will be given a dataset in csv format. You are required to:

  • Study the dataset, define the data type to accommodate the dataset

  • Design database schema, tables, links, primary keys, foreign keys, relations.

  • Implement the database design in MySQL

  • Deliver Entity Relational Diagram from the database implementation.

  • Design sketch for the interface to connect to the database.

  • Implement the design (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/NodeJS)

  • Test the system.

  • Write a full report.

  • Create a video for how your application work

The above required tasks will be divided into three sections:

  • Database design.

  • Database implementation.

  • Interface design and implementation.

Task A: Database design

The first task is to study your dataset. Studying the dataset is very crucial for developing a correct database. You will need to go through the dataset line by line. Allow your brain to create pattern and connection of your dataset. Please remember that most of the dataset contains errors or incomplete. This is a real-life dataset that will train you for the real development problems. Once your design is ready, you are ready for task B.

Task B: Database implementation

If you have mastered the basic commands and database tools, this task will be very simple. The implementation process will contain:

  • Candidate keys, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys

  • Relational database implementation between tables with constrains.

  • Entity relational diagram generation and verifications

  • Testing the database using select statements

Task C: Interface design and implementation

Congratulations, you have reached the final task where you have to design and implement an interface that interact with the database. The interface that follows the below instructions

1. You can host it locally using xampp. Implementation on the cloud or UNMC mercury or GitHub will be a plus.

2. Web application should be able to perform all tasks on the database (Select, Update,

Insert, delete)


Task A:

  • Each group should submit ER diagram about the database design.

  • Summarizing your opinion about the dataset.

1. Why did you choose the datatypes of each field?

2. Reason behind the design of the tables and connections between the tables

including PK, FK?

3. What kinds of errors did you find in the dataset?

4. How did you find the completeness of the dataset?

5. How did you address those problems?

Task B:

  • Create tables based on the above ERD given.

  • Insert the values into each of the tables based on the sample’s tables given.

  • Show ALL the records of data for each of the table using SELECT statements.

Task C:

  • The code of the project should be uploaded to GitHub. Your remote repository needs to be named COMP1044_CW_Gx, where x is your GROUP NUMBER.

  • Simple screenshot video should be complied to show how the interface work. The video should be less than 3 minutes. The video should show all interaction with the database, select, insert, delete, update.

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