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Final Year Project Help | Creating Web Application Using PHP, JavaScript and HTML

Project’s Expectations


There are two webpages in this website’s project. The main page (developed in the midterm project) and the appointment page. Students can optionally write a header page and a footer page which need to appear on the main and appointment pages.

On the main page, the navigation menu shall be on the far right of the main page. The items of the menu should be formatted with equal gap between them. As item(s) that contain sub items, the subitems MUST be displayed when the mouse s hovered on them. Also, the color of the text shall change when hovering over each item and subitem.

The appointment page should be appealing to users. On the first portion of the page, individual will make appointment to take the COVID-19 test. The appointment data is to be saved in a MySQL database; the second portion will display the list of the individual appointments in a table format. Also, the list is to be exported as a csv file.

Navigation Menu Include:

  • Home

  • Get Tested

  • Cases – has to submenu (United States, and Florida Vs. US)

  • Contact Us

  • About Us

You DO NOT need to create links to the items in the navigation bar except the “Get Tested” item which opens the appointment page.

You must have at least two images, one on top of another, on the right side of the content area, there is a default image, and a second image will clearly appear when hovering over the default (first) image.

Please note that I will be flexible when it comes to your choice of page configuration or layout; however, you MUST, at least, have all the mentioned features on your website.

Add some images on left and right sides of the menu – you can get images from the internet. Please note that any image from the internet should be used for educational purposes ONLY.


As SHOULD already have completed, your project MUST be well-formatted. That is, it must look appealing to users. Format both webpages (the main and the appointment pages) as well as header and footer (optional) You need to apply formats to all major tags and areas on your website.


This part should also already be done. Use JavaScript to implement the geometrical calculation as done in the midterm and explained in class. You do not need to draw all shapes; however, for extra points, you can draw the two-dimensional shapes. Below is a quick look of how the geometrical form area should look like:

PHP implementation

Use PHP to implement the appointment page algorithm. The appointment webpage is used as an interface to enter data into the appointment table (tbl_location) and to be saved in a MySQL database (cs340db).

Below is the appointment and the appointment location tables’ schemas.

here is the location schema

PHP file libraries (you are free to change the names of the files). These files are provided, no major changes needed other than major modifications that reflect your understanding.

  • appt_list.php

  • db_connection.php

  • get_data.php

  • insert_data.php

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