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Machine Learning Capstone Project Help, Homework Help and Assignment Help | Sample Practice Paper

If you face any problem to do our capstone projects or looking help in capstone projects then don't worry, our experts provide help and support in capstone projects and assignments.

Below the some important Capstone Project Samples in which you can get help or you have any other projects then share the requirement with us. Realcode4you Assignment Help and Project Help Services provide quality work with reasonable price.

Project 1 : COVID-19 detection- Healthcare

1. Covid 19 Detection using X-Ray Images by implementing effective deep learning technique.

Problem Statement : Detect to find if the patient has been diagnosed with COVID or not using X-Ray Images by implementing out effective deep learning techniques to the dataset.

Project 2: Real-time face detection- Cyber Security

Problem Statement: Build an application to detect face using opencv (Dataset not required / using webcam)

Project 3: Sentiment analysis- e-commerce

Problem Statement: Build a sentiment analysis on twitter dataset using any deep learning technique.

To get help you can contact us or send your project requirement details at:

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Nikhil Ji
Nikhil Ji
Nov 04, 2023

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bro jack
bro jack
Oct 25, 2023

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