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It is the most hottest and most demand-able field in any industries right now.

It including some basic term to done Open-CV project:

  • How to clean the images

  • Creating machine learning model for computer vision by collecting the images.

  • Building computer vision model in our own machine


OpenCV ( is a high performance library for digital image processing and computer vision, which is free and open source. It is equipped with a large set of functions and algorithms for real-time computer vision and predictive mining.

List of important libraries which is used by OpenCV:

  • Deep neural networks (DNN)

  • Convolutional neural networks (CNN)

  • Boosting (meta-algorithm)

  • Decision tree learning

  • Gradient boosting trees

  • Expectation-maximisation algorithm

  • K-nearest neighbour algorithm

  • Naive Bayes classifier

  • Artificial neural networks

  • Random forest

  • Support vector machine (SVM)

List of Topics

  1. Reading, Writing and Displaying Images

  2. Changing Color Spaces

  3. Resizing Images

  4. Image Rotation

  5. Image Translation

  6. Simple Image Thresholding

  7. Adaptive Thresholding

  8. Image Segmentation (Watershed Algorithm)

  9. Bitwise Operations

  10. Edge Detection

  11. Image Filtering

  12. Image Contours

  13. Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT)

  14. Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF)

  15. Feature Matching

  16. Face Detection

List of Top rated projects of computer vision

  • Deep neural networks for biometric evaluation

  • Facial sentiment analysis and emotion recognition

  • Real-time video analysis and recognition of key features

  • Gesture recognition

  • Visual representation learning

  • Face smile detection

  • Vein investigation and training for biometrics

  • Multi-resolution approaches

  • Radiomics analytics for medical data sets

  • Forgery detection in digital images

  • Content based image retrieval

  • Automatic enhancement of images

  • Identification and classification of objects in real-time

  • Defects prediction in manufacturing lines using live images of machines

  • Industrial robots with real-time vision for disaster management

  • Image reconstruction and restoration

  • Computational photography

  • Morphological image processing

  • Animate vision

  • Photogrammetry

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