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JavaScript And Ajax Assignment Help | Get Help In JavaScript Ajax Project

If you are looking help in JavaScript, HTML, CSS And Ajax related projects then we are ready to help you.

Below the Important JavaScript Topics In which you can get help:

1) JavaScript Control Flow

  • if else — If you don’t know these, how did you write code before?

  • switch — is basically if else in a more eloquent way, use it as soon as you have multiple of different cases.

  • for — Do not repeat yourself, this is what loops are for. Besides the normalfor -loop `for of` and for in come in very handy. The big advantage of for -loops is that they are blocking, so you can use async await in them.

2) Error handling

Use console.log or maybe console.error for ‘handling’ errors.

3) Data Models

You can also get help In database model which used in java script project, This does not only apply to building database models, but also function parameters and objects or variables.


const calcShape = (width, height, depth, color, angle) => {...}const calcShape = ({width, height, depth, color, angle}) => {...}

4) Asynchronity

This is a very important aspect of JavaScript, Either you are fetching data from the backend or you are processing requests asynchronously in the backend itself

5) DOM Manipulation

Maybe you learned jQuery and never felt the need to pick up some native DOM manipulation skills, maybe you are just using a frontend framework, where there is rarely a need for custom DOM manipulation

6) Node.js / Express

Even as a frontend developer, you should know the basics of node.js. At Realcode4you you can also get help in Node.js/Express which is also part of javascript.

7) Functional Approach

There is an everlasting debate about functional vs. object-oriented programming. You probably can achieve the same thing with both of the approaches. In JavaScript, it is even easier, you have both of the approaches available.

8) Object Oriented Approach

Similar to the functional approach, you also have to get familiar with object oriented JavaScript, if you want to master it. Our expert also provide help in object oriented programming so you can improve your skills.

9) Frontend Framework

The big three are React.js, Angular and Vue.js. If you are looking for a job nowadays, you will almost always have one of those listed as a prerequisite.

10) Bundling / Transpilation

This is a big part of web development. On the one hand I should not say unfortunate, because it is great to be able to write code with all the newest features.

How to Write Java Script Code

Hello world

We will use below three function to print hello world program:

  • console.log()

  • alert()

  • document.write()


// the hello world program
console.log('Hello World');


// the hello world program
alert("Hello, World!");


// the hello world program
document.write('Hello, World!');

Why We Use JavaScript?

  • Java Script Can Change HTML Content

  • Java Script Can Change HTML Attribute

  • Java Script Can Change CSS Style

  • Java Script Can Hide HTML elements

  • Java Script Can Show Hidden HTML elements

You can also get help in other javascript topics which is listed below:

  • You Can Get Help In JavaScript Syntax errors

  • JavaScript Statements

  • JavaScript Comments

  • JavaScript Variables

  • JavaScript Arithmetic

  • JavaScript Assignment

  • JavaScript String Concatenation

  • JavaScript Data Types

  • JavaScript Objects

  • JavaScript Functions

  • JavaScript Events

  • JavaScript Strings

  • JavaScript Numbers

  • JavaScript Number Methods

  • JavaScript Maths

  • JavaScript Random

  • JavaScript Dates

  • JavaScript Arrays

  • JavaScript Array Methods

  • JavaScript Array Sort

  • JavaScript Array Iteration

  • JavaScript Type Conversion

  • JavaScript Booleans

  • JavaScript Comparisons

  • JavaScript Conditionals

  • JavaScript Loops

  • JavaScript Error Handling

  • JavaScript Regular Expressions

  • JavaScript Objects

  • JavaScript Object Properties

  • JSON Objects

  • JSON Arrays

  • JSON Parse

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