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Installing R And R Studio In Our Local Machine | R Programming Help

In this blog we will learn how to install R and R Studio in our machine, R is open source Programming Language, You will use RStudio as the main program to access R. Think of R as an engine and RStudio as a car dashboard—R handles all the calculations and the actual statistics, while RStudio provides a nice interface for running R code.

How to install R and R Studio

Step 1:

First need to install R(the engine)

  1. Go to the CRAN (Collective R Archive Network)1 website:

  2. Click on “Download R for XXX”, where XXX is either Mac or Windows:

Here we have choose the window version, Click on highlighted link.

If you use macOS, scroll down to the first .pkg file in the list of files (in this picture, it’s R-4.0.0.pkg; as of right now, the current version is also 4.0.0) and download it.

If you use Windows, click “base” (or click on the bolded “install R for the first time” link) and download it.

After click on this new window is open:

Click the link and it successfully downloaded(.exe file) in your machine, after completing download you need to install it.

Step 2: Installing R Studio

Next, you need to install RStudio, the nicer graphical user interface (GUI) for R (the dashboard). Once R and RStudio are both installed, you can ignore R and only use RStudio. RStudio will use R automatically and you won’t ever have to interact with it directly.

  1. Go to the free download location on RStudio’s website:

  2. The website should automatically detect your operating system (macOS or Windows) and show a big download button for it:

If not, scroll down a little to the large table and choose the version of RStudio that matches your operating system.

Double click on the downloaded file (again, check your Downloads folder). Click yes through all the prompts to install like any other program.

Double click on RStudio to run it (check your applications folder or start menu).

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