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How to configure virtual device in Android Studio ? | Android Homework Help | Realcode4you


Its use to develop an app you can develop an android app if you know java . if you don’t know still you can learn development of an app how ? you have to learn kotlin its similar to java . Android is given by google.

What is android studio?

If we develop any software then what we need library,editor,runtime similarly Android IDE( editor + lib + runtime + compiler)

If we want to develop an app using java lang then we need to have sdk . and sdk is installed with this android studio .

  • JDK = compiler + lib

  • SDK = compiler + lib + DVM(ART)

  • DVM : Dummy Virtual Machine

  • ART : Android Run Time

Android is a software platform and also a software stack which contains lots of things and provides us facility to devlelop software . Android is linux kernel based OS.

Android is a platform or we can say software stack for initially mobile devices which contains OS , middleware application framework and key application.

Android application ,android game , android phone

Platform Architecture you must learn architecture from here

To run hello world program in android studio and u need to create new project.

Give name to it and choose empty activity and when you are creating a project then choose lang to java .

You will get new project now you will have to run if gradle is succesfuly synched . you will get some problem while running this project first of all “ No target Device found”

So need to solve this issue. You have to go to tools> AVD Manager > create new virtual Device >download

Here link of our post which help to solve this issue easily:

Now we will configure virtual device in Android Studio

Go to tools > AVD Manager then click on create new virtual device

If you want to install for mobile then select phone and click next

I have already downloaded nougat so that’s why its not showing download option click on next

Now click on finish

You will see that you have emulator installed

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