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Android App Project Help | Developing an Android Application with Multiple Activities and Fragments.

Purpose: The purpose of this lab assignment is to:

  • Use Android Studio IDE

  • Explain and use Android Manifest file

  • Explain and use Intents in Android apps

  • Use resources in Android apps

  • Use fragments

References: Textbook, ppt slides, class examples, and Android tutorials


This material provides the necessary information that you need to complete the exercises.

Be sure to read the following general instructions carefully:

  • This assignment must be completed individually by all the students.

  • You will have to upload the solution on eCentennial through the assignment link under Assessments.

Android Module Naming rules:

Step 01: You must name your Android Studio project according to the following rule:


For Example: johnsmith_COMP304Sec003_Lab1_Ex01. Save location drive name can be C: or D: etc.

Exercise 1:

In this exercise, you will build a simple Android application using Android Studio as described here:

Make sure you name the project as described on page 1 of this document.

Skip the steps that require the use of command line tools or real devices. This app allows the user to type a message in the text field and click Send button. The message will appear on the second activity as shown below.

Exercise 2:

Write an Android Application that demonstrates the activity life cycle and fragments.

  • The main activity should have two fragments.

  • The top fragment contains a list view control whose items are the names of two other activities, AIActivity and VRActivity.

  • The bottom fragment uses a text view control to display the list of life cycle methods that take place when the main activity starts.

  • Use Toast class methods to display a quick message in fragment’s onCreateView and onStart methods.

  • The AIActivity and ARActivity should each have a TextView control to display messages when onCreate, onStart, onStop, and onDestroy are executed.

  • Declare the String resources in strings.xml file. Feel free to use the code from SimpleFragmentsExample app from Week 1 examples.

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