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Develop an enterprise application “student enrollment process" Using Spring Boot MVC and Spring Data JPA tools | Spring Boot MVC Project Help | Realcode4you

Requirement details

Develop an enterprise application “student enrollment process” to implement the CRUD with Spring Boot MVC and Spring Data JPA tools.

The web application should have the following features and functionalities:

  • The index page should have a student registration form and login form already registered students.

  • Registered students will enter the program page to select their programs like Software engineering Technology or Game development, web design (etc).

  • After selecting the program, student will checkout with the credit card details to make an application processing fee.

  • After successful payment, a confirmation message will be displayed in a page. [ dummy data]

  • Student will modify their personal details in the profile page like address, phone number etc.  [dummy data]

  • Provide a friendly and easy to navigate web pages with the use images and CSS formatting.[recommended is external css]

  • Create MySQL database with following tables (Students, Programs and Enrollments) with fields and apply primary key and foreign key constraints. You are free to add any missing appropriate fields in the following tables.

  • No spring security features are needed for the registration/login

  • Each of the programs can have some preset, programCode, programName, duration, and fee

  • Payment fields are just dummy data, confirmation message is just a fake page that says payment successful after “payment”

  • Enrollment status would be “enrolled” after a mock “payment” goes through



CREATE DATABASE student_enrollment_db;
USE student_enrollment_db;
CREATE TABLE student (
    user_name VARCHAR(255) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
    password VARCHAR(255),
    first_name VARCHAR(255),
    last_name VARCHAR(255),
    address VARCHAR(255),
    city VARCHAR(255),
    postal_code VARCHAR(20)
CREATE TABLE program (
    program_code VARCHAR(255) PRIMARY KEY,
    program_name VARCHAR(255),
    duration VARCHAR(255),
    fee DOUBLE
CREATE TABLE enrollment (
    student_id BIGINT,
    program_code VARCHAR(255),
    start_date DATE,
    amount_paid DOUBLE,
    status VARCHAR(255),
    FOREIGN KEY (student_id) REFERENCES student(student_id),
    FOREIGN KEY (program_code) REFERENCES program(program_code)
INSERT INTO Student (user_name, password, first_name, last_name, address, city, postal_code) VALUES
('john_doe', 'password123', 'John', 'Doe', '123 Main St', 'Cityville', '12345'),
('jane_smith', 'pass456', 'Jane', 'Smith', '456 Oak St', 'Townsville', '56789'),
('bob_jones', 'pass789', 'Bob', 'Jones', '789 Pine St', 'Villagetown', '98765');
INSERT INTO Program (program_code, program_name, duration, fee) VALUES
('SE101', 'Software Engineering Technology', '3 years', 15000),
('GD102', 'Game Development', '2 years', 12000),
('WD103', 'Web Design', '2 years', 13000);
-- Assuming you have students in the Student table with studentId values
INSERT INTO Enrollment (student_id, program_code, start_date, amount_paid, status) VALUES
(1, 'SE101', '2024-03-01', 5000, 'Enrolled'),
(2, 'GD102', '2024-03-15', 4500, 'Enrolled'),
(3, 'WD103', '2024-04-01', 4800, 'Enrolled');

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