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Database Design And Implementation Practice Set

Here we post one database design and implementaion practice set, please try to solve and comment in below section and if you need any help then also comment and get instant help with an affordable price. We are provided all database related help like MySQL Database, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.

Requirement Details

  • For your semester project you will design a new database/schema, and write queries, views, and functions to go with it. All work must be saved in .sql file format.

  • Your database will have a minimum of 5 tables. All tables will be properly related and all tables will be in 3rd normal form. Populate the tables with enough data so that you can write useful queries.

  • Two of your 5 tables must have many to many relationships with a linking table between them to resolve this issue.

  • Create an Entity Relationship diagram to show your tables and relationships. Save this as a PDF or other suitable file format.

  • You should create one View per table and save the View script for each.

  • You should also create one view that shows column information from two related tables using a join.

  • You should create two (2) queries using data from two or more tables; each query to contain calculated fields. At least one of the queries must use GROUP BY and HAVING along with calculated fields. All calculated fields must have Aliases for ease of readability by the users. You will also create at least one function.

  • You will develop your database and scripts in weekly stages.

  • Brief presentation using the Kaltura function in Canvas: Also create a brief presentation using the Kaltura feature in Canvas to demonstrate the function and operation of your database. This presentation should be about 10 minutes in length. Show your ER diagram, your tables, queries, views, and other features. Explain what you database.

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