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Database Assignment Queries Help | Practice Set


To understand and be able to write simple SQL queries.

Tools for the assignment

For this assignment, you will use your SQL Server / MYSQL.

PART I: Database 1: You can create database table and insert some data in these tables with query .

Write SQL queries to answer the following:

  1. How many European customers have a balance that is less than $8000.

  2. Which region (Aisa, Europe...) supplies the most distinct parts.

  3. What is the average time for shipping items by TRUCK. FOLLOW UP. List the quantity and orderkey of all the items shipped by TRUCK which takes less than the above time

  4. List all the items which have NO discount and not sold to customer in EUROPE

  5. List name(s) of the customer(s) who has not place any orders.

  6. List the (distinct) items which are ordered by the customers from the country where suppliers have the highest average balance

  7. Find the average price of all the orders which contain no parts with size larger than 40

  8. List the name of the suppliers which supplies more than 5 parts along with the number of parts their supplied

  9. Find the names of all the distinct parts which receive the highest discount

PART II: database 2:You can create database table and insert some data in these tables with query .

  1. List the genre of tracks which is contained in the most playlist

  2. Find audio tracks which have a length longer than the average length of all the audio tracks

  3. Which playlist(s) contain the largest number of pop tracks

  4. Find the number of employees live in the same city with each customer, sorted by descending order 5. Which artist(s) has the most tracks which can be classified to Jazz

  5. Find the name of the German customer(s) who has paid the most in total without company name

  6. List the name and age of the employees who support more than 5 customers (Hint: You can use GETDATE() function to get the current date, and use an other function from last assignment to calculate ages)

  7. Find the manger who manages most employees but also being managed by someone else (Note: there are employees who do not have managers, i.e., there may be NULL values in ReportsTo column)

  8. List the name of the artists with more than 5 tracks

  9. Find the playlist(s) which contains most tracks by artist ”AC/DC”

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