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Creating Pig Latin translator in R studio | R Studio Assignment Help

Your task is to create your own Pig Latin translator in R studio. You have to code steps 1, 2 and 3 from Learning the Rules instructions here. Step 4 is too complicated, so we skip it.

You have to submit a single file PigLatin.r of a R script. No need to submit a data file or your output file. I will run your code on my data and see your result.

Your R script should be able to:

1. Open text file. Use file football.txt as an example. Do not "hardcode" path to your file. Learn about "working directory" in R.

2. Read text.

3. Convert it into Pig Latin

4. As you produce a written Pig Latin, try to take care about punctuation and capital letters where it is appropriate and/or possible. You don't need hypinations as in the instruction examples as they are for speaking Pig Latin.

5. Save result as a text file football_PigLatin.txt.

6. Use Create R code to convert input English to piglatin as per rules given in link

we need to implement step 1 to step 3 (step 4 not required).

7. Loops shouldn't be used but should use R functions and there should be usage of Regular expressions.

8.Punctuations should be put back on converted text

To obtain the maximum available marks you should aim to:

1. Code all requested components.

2. Aim for optimised code in terms of computational overhead (10%). E.g. it is not always possible to avoid loops, however you should aim to avoid loops where possible or use them as efficiently as possible (eg do more than one thing in a loop).

3. Use a clear coding style. Code clarity is an important part of your submission. Thus you should choose meaningful variable names and adopt the use of comments - you don't need to comment every single line, as this will affect readability - however you should aim to comment at least each section of code.

4. Have the code run successfully.

5. Document code limitations including, but not limited to, the requested functionalities.

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