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Creating API Using Python Flask And MongoDB Client

First Import All Related Libraries

#Import Libraries
from flask import Flask
from pymongo import MongoClient
from flask import request
import json
from bson.json_util import dumps

Creating Connection With MongoDB Client

client = MongoClient('localhost:27017')
db =


def hello():
    return "Ok it works"

@app.route('/stock', methods=['GET', 'POST', 'PUT', 'DELETE'])
def stock():
    if request.method=='GET':
            result = db.stocks.find()
            return dumps(result)
        except Exception:
            return dumps({'error' : str("error")})

    elif request.method=='POST':
            result = db.stocks.insert({"Ticker":"XYZ"})
            return dumps(result)
        except Exception:
            return dumps({'error' : str("error")})
    elif request.method=='PUT':
            result = db.stocks.updateMany({"Ticker":"AAMC"},{'$set':{"Ticker":"ABC"}})
            return dumps(result)
        except Exception:
            return dumps({'error' : str("error")})
    elif request.method=='DELETE':
            delete_user = db.stocks.delete_one({"Ticker":"ABC"})
            if delete_user.deleted_count > 0 :
                return "", 204
                return "", 404
            return "", 500

if __name__ == "__main__":

Follow Below Steps Before Run Above Code

step first:

open cmd prompt

step second:


>mkdir rest
>cd rest


step third


check rest folder created copy path and run command as per screenshot 3

step fourth


C:\Users\naveen kumar\rest>virtualenv flask
installation start
script and other folder are created

step fifth


again go to the rest folder and copy path where script folder exist
then activate virtual environment by activate command

C:\Users\naveen kumar\rest\flask\Scripts>activate

step six


Create python file using any editor but save it into the scipt folder


step seven

Now install flask by using given command and see in screeshot

(flask) C:\Users\naveen kumar\rest\flask\Scripts>pip install flask


step eight

Now intall pymongo by using command

(flask) C:\Users\naveen kumar\rest\flask\Scripts>pip install pymongo

step ninth

run python file using command line(sure python file is open in editor)

(flask) C:\Users\naveen kumar\rest\flask\Scripts>python

url is generated on command line


step ten

copy url and paste it into webbrowser like chrome and run 

as per screenshot 8

and you see the output -----Ok it works


now start mongod and mongo
and import json file which you already complete this


install postman and run url

as per get, put and delete

find output result






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