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Compiler Construction, Code and test a compiler in java | Practice Set

Code and test a compiler in java that should perform following actions:

  • Read input source code from the following file: “input.txt”

  • Give user the option to perform Lexical Analysis only or Lexical and Syntax Analysis both. (in case of Lexical and Syntax Analysis both, take one line input from the screen)

  • Recognize following tokens for the lexemes in the input:

– Keywords: int, char, string, if, else, do, while.

– Identifiers (id): letter followed by zero or more letters or digits.

– String Literal: (sl): anything that is surrounded by double quotes,

for example “Hi”

– Int value (in): example: 155

– Relational Operators (ro): <, <=, ==, <>, >= and >

– Arithmetic Operators (ao): +, -, *, /

– Other Operators (oo): assignment: =, parenthesis: (, ), braces: {, },

line terminator: ;

  • Upon recognizing a token, should print the lexeme, the token name and the attribute value based on the above table

  • Store tokens in symbol table based on the above table.

  • Should properly handle the comments enclosed in /* and */ or following // .

  • Should properly handle the white spaces (blanks, tabs or newlines).

  • Print all data stored in the symbol table just before exiting.

  • If the input to your compiler contains something other than the lexemes mentioned in the table above, then it should generate and display the error with:

- The line number

- The unrecognized lexeme in the source code and

- A meaningful error message

For Syntax Analysis, if the input contains a legal expression involving operators + and * and parenthesis ( and ), your compiler should accept it and display “Compiled Successfully”, othewise give out error message with correct line number and a meaningful error message: Use the CFG and the Parsing Table given below for Syntax Analysis of the input.

Sample Input Source Code for Lexical Analysis only:

int val1 = 21; // to store a value 
int val2; 
int total; 
string purpose = “Calculation”; /* to store calculation */ 
if ( val1 > 10 ) 
	val2 = 5; 
	val2 = 10; 
total = (val1 + val2) * val1; 

Sample Input Source Code for Lexical Analysis and Syntax Analysis both:

(val2 + val1) * val3

Submission Instructions:

  • Do NOT use package statement in your code.

  • Input file named input.txt should be kept in same folder where your main method code is.

  • Submit your compiler code (.java file(s)) in the form of one .rar file having format: “RegistrationID_Section_FullName_Project.rar”

  • Mention your full name, registration Id and section in your email Subject title also.

  • If you send me multiple emails of project, 2 marks will be deducted on each extra email.

  • If you send me code that does not compile, you will get zero.

  • If you send me copied or partially copied code, you will get zero.

  • Late submissions will get 2 marks deducted per day.

  • Questions will be asked during evaluation by running your code in class.

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