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Create a System to Calculate Sales Commission Using Java Spring Boot | Realcode4you

Requirement Details

- Create a system to calculate Sales commission and generate reports as listed below

- All output reports to be generated in JSON format

- Test using postman api client

- DB table to create

  • Sales_Commission table

- Columns - product, product_quantity, sale amount, salesman name, salesman commission, salesman area, created_date

- Implement the POST /sales API (slide 4)

  • Input JSON (sales) – see slide 5 for JSON format.

- salesman info - Contains attributes : salesman_id, salesman name, salesman area, commission_rate

- products info - Contains columns: product, quantity, mrp_per_unit, salesman_id

  • Define a Sales model class that contains salesman and product class arrays. Use this in the method call as request body.

  • Compute product level commission and store to DB.

  • Use Repository pattern to save the product commission into the DB.

- Implement the GET /sales/commission API

  • Input – date - request param or json request body (your choice)

  • Output – SalesCommission object array

  • Use JDBC template (select query) to query the table and map to SalesCommission data(model) class

  • Compute the time taken for this call using Spring AOP and print in logs

REST APIs to implement

- POST /sales

- Input

- Output

- status 200 (no error) or 400 (error) – response body to contain a simple json with suitable message


Technology choices

  • Backend – Java/Springboot/DB/REST/JSON

  • Database Access – postgres, mysql or H2

  • Frontend – None needed. Access via REST API (postman)

  • Build system – Maven

  • Testing – next phase

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