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ASP .NET Project Help | DAL(Data Access Layer), BAL(Business Access Layer) and Restful APIs

Project Structure

Projects structure:
| Solution   |
|________ |
|              _______________________
+-------| Data Access Layer - Library |
|              -------------------------------------
|              _____________
+-------| DAL Unit tests |
|              ---------------------
|              ____________________
+-------| Business Layer - Library |
|              ---------------------------------
|              ____________
+-------| BAL Unit tests |
|              --------------------
|              _______________________________
+-------| Web API - .Net Core Web API Project |
|              ---------------------------------------------------
|              ________________
+-------| WEB API Unit tests |
|              --------------------------

NOTE: DAL,BAL and Restful APIs all three should be part of single solution.

#1: DAL

1. Construct a data access layer C# library which will have device Create, Read, Update and Delete Methods and database connection logic using ADO.NET using repository design pattern. Create Database and Table (Device) SQL queries in your local database. Make sure your code is not vulnerable to SQL Injection 2. Write Unit tests to call these methods. Device model will have DeviceId string DeviceName string ProvisionDate DateTime IsActive bool FirmwareVersion string

#2: BAL

1. Construct business access layer C# library which will have logic and validations of a device model Create, Update method will have validations that all model fields is mandatory. Refer Assignment #1 Data Access Layer in this business layer project. 2. Write unit tests for validations for create and update method

#3: Restful APIs

1. Create API Project in .NET Core and refer these above two assignments library in this project. This three project should be part of single Solution Create Restful API for these methods in business layer (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Setup Dependency Injection and Database Connection string' 2. Write Unit test cases

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