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Web Programming Using Angular | Creating Single Page Application Using Angular

Requirement Details

You are required to develop a single-page web application for creating an online vehicle buying and selling system (e.g., Pakwheels).

The basic requirements are as follows.

1. On startup, the application should display a list of featured used cars and bikes available for selling. There should be a list of available vehicles (cars and bikes) belonging to each category. The list should be displayed in grid form. Each vehicle should be displayed with an image, title, location, price, date added, and rating. (Marks: 30)

2. There should be a navigation bar that contains various categories for filtering the search. Filtering categories should include the city (top five cities of Pakistan), make (any ten companies), price range, year, mileage, color, engine capacity, vehicle type (car/bike), and rating (1—5).

3. After selecting a particular category, the list of available vehicles should be updated accordingly.

If multiple categories are selected, the list should vehicle that reflects all selected categories.

Hint: make use of angular components and directives to change the view of the vehicles list based on the selected category option.

Upon clicking on a vehicle, its details should be displayed which must include:

  • The complete title and picture of the vehicle.

  • The information of the vehicle including price, location, model, year, transmission, mileage, color, registered in, assembly, engine capacity, last updated, etc.

  • A brief features list of the vehicle.

  • Overall condition (exterior, interior, engine, transmission, suspension, steering, etc.) of the vehicle.

  • Seller’s information including contact number, email, location, contact hours, etc.

  • Seller’s comments on the vehicle.

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