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Sample- Computer Networks & Security

Type of the submission required

This is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work contributing towards the module assessment. Deliverables should be assembled into a single report document, which includes (critical appraisal, research, and snapshot evidences of tasks carried out and justification of technologies used). Submission will be in the form of a MS word report (4000 words).

Scenario Description: DUX (Digital User Experience)

Small and medium enterprises are vital part of UK economy which contribute to 50% of the revenue generated by UK businesses and employ 44% of the workforce. COVID-19 outbreak has affected millions of business in the UK. The businesses have either moved to online operations completely or have adopted flexible working hours for their staff with less physical presence in the office. This shift in working practices have changed the nature and priorities of IT services required for any business. The digital transformation has brought a lot of questions of how to protect remote working from cyber threats and require businesses to adopt more rigorous approach to implement new cyber security measures to meet the changing landscape of cyber security threats and adhere with legal and regulatory compliance.

DUX (Digital User Experience) is a reputable small medium enterprise, which offers technology design User Experience services to its clients, with branches in 3 different cities across UK providing office based working environment to its employees and clients since 2002. Just like any other business, it faced the challenge of Business Continuity to cope with the social distancing measure while dealing with the pandemic spread of COVID-19 since February 2020. DUX aims to provide quality digital solutions to its clients, but Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on its operations. Due to the nature of its services, the company require to produce high quality digital designs which not only need high bandwidth to share mock-ups with its clients but also require its employees to work on high-end applications, which can design and deploy artefact’s online for collaboration.

To meet these challenges, the senior management has mandated the IT department to look for and adopt necessary platforms facilitating the operations both from home and on premises. You have been hired as a Network Engineer to analyse the requirement of DUX for a robust solution to their existing problems, while considering security and network performance factors paramount to safeguard Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data at rest and data in motion.

Assessment Criteria/Marking Scheme

The assignment relies upon understanding of network and computer security design. Within each marking section clear guidance is given for how high marks in each category can be achieved. You are advised to submit a report in word format.



For network design, there is no one "good network design," and there is certainly no "one size fits all." A good network design is based on many concepts, some of which are summarized by key general principles: Critically appraise network design principles to achieve performance, scalability and security at different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.


For a given scenario, students are required to design, configure and troubleshoot network using virtual equipment and simulate topologies, connections, protocols and implement configuration using the appropriate simulator application. Design and configuration evidence should be included in the report as a walkthrough snippets.

Note: The below marking criteria will apply and must be included to meet all the practical implementation requirements in this section:

  • Hierarchical Network Design Model (LAN)

  • Subnetting (Design IP Addressing and Allocation)

  • VLAN Configuration, VLAN Trunking 802.1Q, Inter-VLAN Routing

  • DHCP Server, DNS Server, Web Server, Email Server

  • Dynamic Routing Protocol Configuration using RIPv2 (WAN)


Critically evaluate your design implementation effectiveness in terms of access control, user privileges, and effective use of IPSec VPN, hardening the devices, security features of hardware devices such as switches and routers.

Note: The below marking criteria will apply and must be included to meet all the practical implementation requirements in this section:

  • User Privileges (Encrypted Passwords Configuration for Console, User, Privilege Exec Mode)

  • 2 Variations of Access Control List (ACL)

  • IPSec VPN Configuration

Ethical Considerations

Computer security designers should act in a professional manner and show due diligence to comply with legal obligations particularly related to CIA. Critically discuss what social and ethical considerations to be addressed to protect the proposed network design from any cyber threats.

Note: You may use the Code of Conduct of the British Computer Society (available at, or to read General Data Protection Regulation contains (GDPR) guide available on

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