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MySQL Homework Help | How to Install MySQL In our Local Machine

How to install MySQL

In this we will complete the mysql basis with example and learn how to install mysql in our machine.

First install the MySQL MSI file using below link:

We are going to install MySQL Server with all components; hence, choose “Full” and click on Next.

Now next “Check Requirements” and Click on Next.

An installer gives us a warning. We can continue our installation without installing the visual studio and python. Click on Yes.

On the Installation screen, you can see the list of the MySQL products/software that are going to be installed on my workstation. Review the list and click on Execute.

The installer downloads all the products/software. After that, it installs all the products.

Click next after installing all components:

On the Product configuration screen, you can see the list of the products that need to be configured. First, let us configure the MySQL Server. Click on Next.

We are going to perform a standalone installation of MySQL Server hence choose “Standalone MySQL Server / Classic MySQL Replication”.

The type of MySQL configuration.

The type of MySQL configuration is a predefined set of configuration parameter that determines how much resources should be allocated to the MySQL Services. You have three configuration options:

  1. Development Computer: This configuration uses a minimal amount of the resources to MySQL Service

  2. Server Computer: This configuration uses a minimal amount of resources. This option is suitable when we are installing database servers and web servers on the same machine. The configuration allocates an average amount of resources to MySQL Service

  3. Dedicated Computer: This option is used when we have created a dedicated MySQL Server. The configuration allocates a high amount of resources to MySQL Service

Network Connectivity

Add Authentication:

We are going to use Strong password Encryption for Authentication.

Now we set the our username and password: you can specify the MySQL root account password.

On MySQL User account dialog box, provide a username, hostname, Role of the User, type of authentication, and password.

Now we check the window services:

Now we have applying configuration:

Installation is complete, now click on finish:

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