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Importance of Data Visualization In Analytics | Data Visualization Help Using Python and R

Data visualization refers to representing data in a visual context, like a chart or a map, to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context.

Data Visualization is a Business Analytics tool for data based decision making.

Data visualization is the use of visual representations to explore, make sense of, and communicate data

Example 1:(Interpret below table)

Visualize the Result:

Expressing Quantitative Data Visually

  • Vision is by far our dominant sense

  • Data visualization helps process data faster – “picture superiority effect”

  • Some quantitative tasks can be best performed, when values are displayed graphically

  • What visual perception evolved to do especially well, it can do faster and better than the conscious thinking parts of our brains

  • Data exploration, sensemaking, and communication should always involve an intimate collaboration between seeing and thinking (i.e., visual thinking)

  • Seeing the big picture

  • Easily and rapidly comparing values

  • Seeing and comparing patterns


  • We visualize data because some people are visual learners

  • We visualize data for people who have difficulty understanding numbers

  • We visualize data to grab people’s attention with eye-catching but inevitably less informative displays

  • The best data visualizers are those who have been trained in graphic arts

  • Graphics provide the best means of telling stories contained in data

BI Vs Data Visualization


◉ Tools and techniques used to transform raw into data for analysis

Data Visualization

◉ A visual representation of data for use in decision making

Evolution of Data Visualization

  • We don’t have a comprehensive history of data visualization

  • Michael Friendly and Daniel J Denis of York University attempted to provide a comprehensive history of visualization

  • Mankind used visualizations to instruct, convey meaning and tell stories since the dawn of time

  • Archaeologists find 12,000-year-old pictograph at Gobeklitepe in Turkey

  • Documented data visualization can be tracked back to 1160 B.C. with Turin Papyrus Map

  • Invention of paper and parchment allowed further development of visualizations throughout history

  • Statistical graphs used in presentation between from 18th Century

  • Progression of technology enhanced interactive designs with computer based visualization

Konya town map – world oldest known map – 6200 BC

Mercator 1569 world map

Minard's graphic of Napoleon in Russia

Poor Visuals

You can see issue at 2016-2017

Visualization Using Python

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