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How to Publish Your Tableau Dashboard Online Publicly

Connect to the correct server:

  1. Go to

  2. Create a Tableau Public account. This is different and independent of, tableau server, and tableau online accounts.

  3. Once an account is created, open Tableau Desktop Application and open your project.

  4. Along the top Menu Bar, click “Server” and select “Sign In...”

  5. In the Server: Box, Type in as the server you want and then it will prompt you to log in to your Tableau Public Account.

  6. Log in by clicking “Connect”

Data Extraction:

We are working with a small dataset, but it must be preparted in a particular way. We will first extract the data to upload our workbook. You can find out more information here

  1. On the top menu bar select “Data”

  2. At the bottom of the menu, move the cursor over the last option available, it may be similar to how you titled the excel file or dashboard file that you are using.

  3. Once over the menu option it should open more menu options with “Extract Data” as a choice not greyed out. Look at figure below. Click that option.

4. Choose “Single Table” and “All Rows” and then choose extract.

5. This will produce a new file, save it with wherever you have been saving

your Tableau Workbook.

Publish Your Workbook Online:

  1. Go to the top Menu bar and select “Server”.

  2. Ensure that you are logged in and connected to from above.

  3. Go to the “Server” menu again and select Publish Workbook.

  4. A new “Save Workbook to Tableau Public” box will appear.

  5. Give the Workbook a title. (Something like MIS 874 – S2019 – Group # - Project # as this will be publicly what it will be called unless you choose to edit it later) and then select “Save”. And it will publish it to Tableau Public’s website.

  6. Go to a web browser and log in to and navigate to your project.

  7. You can follow this guide on how to share a link with someone else.


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