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Machine Learning Assignment Help | Machine Learning Project Help

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Machine learning is a group of algorithm which is used to find the accurate outcome and predicted the outcome as per given input.

We are providing machine learning services from last 3+ year, and our developer work on machine learning different - different technologies and also working on different types of framework and algorithm like keras, neural network, linear regression, logistic regression, etc.

Machine Learning Technologies which is offered by our team

  • Keras

  • Torch

  • Caffe

  • TensorFlow

  • Theano

  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Are you need help in ML Algorithms

Linear regression which is about predicting a continuous value given the input. Like given the house dimensions, output the price.

Artificial neural network (ANN) which is an ensemble of processing nodes arranged in a layer-by-layer manner.

Logistic regression for two all more categories. It is essentially a single layered ANN where by each node in the layer represents a specific category in which the data can be classified.

K means clustering which produces k centroids from the data.

Agglomerative clustering which can produce a variable number of centroids depending on the cut off threshold.

Self organizing map (SOM) which results in a map of neurons such that the neurons that are physically close together also fire on similar stimuli. This can resemble k means if the nodes are small in number.

Support vector machine (SVM) which is about learning a maximum margin hyperplane.

Kernel SVM which extends the linear maximum margin hyperplane to non-linearly separable problems using the kernel trick.

And many more.

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