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Creating Tkinter GUI For Data Analysis Using Python Machine Learning

Requirement Details

The purpose of the project is to create a simple analytics program with a Tkinter GUI.

This project is a GUI implementation of the Case Study 15.5 from the Python textbook. For each section, you will need to have user interaction and the ability to restart at any time. The user must also be prevented from completing an action that is invalid. For example, the user cannot explore the data until the data is loaded.

  1. Load the dataset (15.5.1)

  2. Explore the data (15.5.2)

  3. Split the data for training and testing (15.5.4)

  4. Train the data model (15.5.5)

  5. Test the data model (15.5.6)

  6. Visualize the expected vs. predicted (15.5.7)

  7. Create the regression model metrics (15.5.8)

The assignment will include the following elements as part of the assessment:

  • The submission follows the project instructions.

  • The submission provides user interaction for each step with the ability to exit or restart at any point. A graphical user interface may be used. (must provide feedback/notifications to users where appropriate).

  • The submission demonstrates the correct use of classes/methods

  • The submission demonstrates the correct use of loops, containers (e.g. lists) and conditional logic.

  • The program does not contain any logic or runtime errors.

  • Proper naming conventions for variables, classes etc.

  • Sufficient header and inline documentation.

  • GUI Design document reflects your GUI

  • Program Design document flow is easy to read and reflects your general logic

  • Test plan covers basic functionality and exception handling

You will be required to perform a demonstration of your project.

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