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Build A HTML Web Page Using CodeSandbox | HTML Assignment Help

Logging In to CodeSandbox

Before start to write the HTML code first need to logging into CodeSandbox:

1. Click Sign In

2. Click Sign in with GitHub

3. If it asks you to Authorize CodeSandbox make sure you say yes (I couldn't get a screenshot of this step)

4. To work on the project we are working on in class, select the static project that is shows the shortest amount of time ago

Creating a New Sandbox

The following steps outline how to create a new sandbox for you to practice your HTML:

1. Sign in to CodeSandbox using the steps in the Logging In to CodeSandbox section

2. That should take you to this screen:

Once you have created your first static sandbox and option to Create Static Sandbox will be available. However the following principals will still apply:

3. Click on the Create Sandbox option (it's in translucent blue)

4. The Template Options will popup. Select CLIENT TEMPLATES from the tabs at the top

5. Next, select the HTML 5 static template option

6. This will create a new sandbox for you. Sandboxes created from templates are actually clones of existing repositories in GitHub. In order for use to use this as our own template (one that we can modify) we'll need to fork it first: Click the fork button in the top right hand corner of the sandbox

It will saying forking and three dots will appear. Once it's complete, a notification will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the sandbox

7. Now that it's forked, you can go ahead and begin editing your content:

NOTE:Remember to save your work by either clicking File -> Save

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