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Top Machine Learning Mathematics topic to learn AI. In this you will learn top mathematics topics which help to understand mathematics concept with the help of machine learning. Below the list of topic:

Linear Algebra

  • Vectors definition, scalars, addition, scalar multiplication, inner product(dot product), vector projection, cosine similarity, orthogonal vectors, normal and orthonormal vectors, vector norm, vector space, linear combination, linear span, linear independence, basis vectors

  • Matrices definition, addition, transpose, scalar multiplication, matrix multiplication, matrix multiplication properties, hadamard product, functions, linear transformation, determinant, identity matrix, invertible matrix and inverse, rank, trace, popular type of matrices- symmetric, diagonal, orthogonal, orthonormal, positive definite matrix

  • Eigenvalues & eigenvectors concept, intuition, significance, how to find

  • Principle component analysis concept, properties, applications

  • Singular value decomposition concept, properties, applications


  • Functions

  • Scalar derivative definition, intuition, common rules of differentiation, chain rule, partial derivatives

  • Gradient concept, intuition, properties, directional derivative

  • Vector and matrix calculus how to find derivative of {scalar-valued, vector-valued} function wrt a {scalar, vector} -> four combinations- Jacobian

  • Gradient algorithms local/global maxima and minima, saddle point, convex functions, gradient descent algorithms- batch, mini-batch, stochastic, their performance comparison


  • Basic rules and axioms events, sample space, frequentist approach, dependent and independent events, conditional probability

  • Random variables- continuous and discrete, expectation, variance, distributions- joint and conditional

  • Bayes’ Theorem, MAP, MLE

  • Popular distributions- binomial, bernoulli, poisson, exponential, gaussian

  • Conjugate priors

Other Topic

  • Information theory- entropy, cross-entropy, KL divergence, mutual information

  • Markov Chain- definition, transition matrix, stationarity

  • Statistics for Machine Learning

In this we will learn list of mathematics for machine learning which help to understand basic to advanced use of of machine learning in mathematics, if you are face any other issue or need any assignment related help then you can directly send your quote so we can help you as soon as we can.

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