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Data Analysis at a Real Estate company Using Boston House Pricing dataset with Tableau Public

Important Instructions

"Today many big organizations are sitting on large chunks of data, not knowing what to do with it.

They invite consultants & business analysts to have a look at data and come up with insights that could help the organization run their business better. There is no clear set of instructions in such open-ended problems and it is expected of the consultant to do a lot of exploration first and formulate the problems themselves. This DVT project falls into the bucket of such open-ended problems and a specific problem statement has not been given intentionally. It is expected of students to explore the data and come up with good insights. There is no right and wrong answer here. There should a clear logical story which should come out of their submission."

Please find below DVT Project instructions:

Note: Please upload the project on Tableau public and include the URL in a word doc and upload it.

  • Any assignment found copied/ plagiarized with another person will not be graded and marked as zero.

  • Please ensure timely submission as a post-deadline assignment will not be accepted.

Please find the instructions here.

To learn how to publish your tableau file, click here .

Please use the following dataset - Boston Condo Dataset and Dictionary.xlsx

Problem Statement:

Consider that you are a Lead Data Analyst at a Real Estate company in Boston that has provided you with the House Pricing dataset. You have been given a task to explore the data, create different plots and interpret useful insights/findings. Your end goal here will be to create a storyboard that you have to present to the Senior Management and the story has to have an end objective and should follow a logical flow to display that you are heading towards achieving the end objective. This will help the Senior Management in taking some decisive actions on the current House Recommendation System in place. This storyboard will be an open-ended story for you to explore various different features in the data and try to showcase different plots. Make sure to have minimum clutter in the plots, follow a consistent color scheme across all the plots, and use proper colors to

highlight a specific insight. Moreover, your plots on all the dashboards should be interactive and responsive. There should be 1 dashboard that should cover the summary of the story as well as your recommendations.


Final view:

  • Students can make assumptions about the data and design the Story as per the assumptions made

  • Students must have a Tableau Public Account & should publish the Story to Tableau Public only

  • The end-product must be a Story

  • There is no maximum limit on the number of sheets or a combination of dashboards used for the Story if it is relevant to one single intended message


  • The Tableau Public Story URL need to be submitted in the LMS. To do that, please paste that URL to a word document and upload the same in the LMS.

Data set

  • The students need to work on the data set provided in the excel format.

For any help related data analysis using tableau you can contact us at:


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