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Big Data Analytics Assignment Help - Sample Paper

Part 1 – Big Data Analytics using Python

● The primary dataset that we would like to use is the job market dataset which is provided in CSV format (data.csv).

● Perform data preparation and preprocessing for your analysis

● Analyze data in many aspects and visualize them using suitable plots

1) Describe the dataset.

  • Load the dataset using Pandas.

  • Describe the dataset (e.g.: type of column, value range).

2) Normalize and clean the data.

  • The salaries are kept in the dataset as “HighestSalary” and “LowestSalary”. You should calculate the “AverageSalary” for each job.

  • The raw dataset values of the "Id" column had inconsistencies in their representation. The Id values should have 8 number long integers only. Write code to remove unnecessary characters.

  • The "Date" column is represented in a format that contained both date and time information. However, the time is not correct and should be removed.

  • Change type of “Id” column to numeric and change type of “Date” column to DateTime.

3) Study the job metadata. (4 points)

  • Get the salary ranges using “AverageSalary”, the total jobs of each range and display them in the bar chart.

  • Get the list of job types and the number of jobs of each type. Display your findings using pie chart.

4) Study the market by locations. (6 points)

  • What is the market size in each city? Draw them in bar charts

  • Visualize the market share between the cities (hint: draw top biggest cities and use ‘Others’ for the rest).

Find the salary distribution in top biggest cities and visualize your finding using suitable plot.

5) Study the market by sectors.

  • What is the number of postings for each sector? How do you display it?

  • In each sector, which sub-sectors are the main spotlights? What is the salary range for each sector/sub-sector? Find your own way to display the result.

Part 2 – Big Data Analytics using Tableau

  • Map is a good way to display the job market data. Using Tableau to visualize the market size of major cities. (Hint: although the below image is drawn by Python, it is still a good example when you try to build a map using Tableau).

In this section, you are required to use Tableau to build a dashboard to provide an overview for users about the market in one of the following ways:

  • Visualize the similar plots as above requirements.

  • You can use your own plots, but you should consider these aspects: locations, sectors, salary.

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